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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking in the Window: June Fun!

Hats, Horns, Discussions, PDF Giveaways and Prizes!
Celebrating My New Release, Stopped Cold!
Join the June Fun

Fun on The Book Club Network, June 10th -  July 7

Each week for a month I’ll ask a question in the teen room on The Book Club Network then choose one winner for that week from the comments. Each winner will get a PDF download of Stopped Cold and one of the following prizes:
Fancy Nights Perfume

A stuffed cow from a Chic-fil-A football bowl game

A leather purse


An Olympic jacket from the 1996 Olympic Games

Come over to and join us in the “teen” room, beginning on June 10.

Giveaways on Blogs
Monday, June 3rd - A guest on Infinite Characters. I'll give away a PDF download of Stopped Cold at
Tuesday, June 11th - A guest of Christa Allan. I'll give away a PDF download of Stopped Cold at
Friday, June 14th - A guest of Linda Weaver Clarke. I'll give away a PDF download of Stopped Cold at
Monday, June 17th - A guest of Regina Andrews. I'll give away a PDF download of Stopped Cold at
Wednesday, June 19th - Visiting the blog Life in an RV--The Traveling Writer. I'll give away a PDF download of Stopped Cold at

What People Are Saying about Stopped Cold
Stopped Cold is filled with emotion, strong characters, teenage romance, adventure, danger and the intricate workings of modern day high school studies and sports. Ms. Pallotta blends all this together for a convincing story. Our hearts are touched by a family's concern for Sean who lies in the hospital non responsive. We see the story from Sean's young sister, Margaret's viewpoint and the feelings she fights to keep bottled up and maintain her Christian principles. The author is obviously well versed in swimming competition. Supporting characters are well done and fuels the emotions between close friends. I highly recommend this novel. By Larry Hammersley, author of Change of Heart, Go to "Author Search" and click on "H" . Larry's short stories: Motorcycle Woman, Small Is Beautiful, Photo Beauty, Runners High, Larry's Wild Rose eBooks, Free Read - Ice Rink Romance

This is a great read. I recommend it for teens as well as adults alike. It certainly kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next when Margaret, Jimmy, and their friend Emily go out looking to stop dangerous drug dealers. There's plenty of action and emotion. Mildred Colvin author of The Preacher's Outlaw Bride, A New Life and Cora's Deception.

Pallotta's high school drama could take place anywhere. Pressure from all sides: parents, teachers, coaches, peers take their toll, no matter the size or type of school. Margaret McWhorter and her brother Sean attend the exclusive Meriwether School, one which is targeted by drug-trafficking creeps who have infiltrated the very place that's supposed to be a safe and supportive environment.
It's not enough to be talented in the world of high school athletics. Margaret and Sean's parents unwittingly push their son over the edge as new competition for Sean's quarterback position comes in and takes over. Sean is pressured into taking steroids and body-building, and suffers a stroke and subsequent coma. Even though the pressure for Margaret, a champion swimmer, is eased by Sean's condition and the resulting parental guilt, she can't stop her own consuming desire for vengeance against those who hurt her brother.
But Margaret is only a freshman. She's just learning about life in high school, what can she do to find the bad guys? And who are they? Who can she trust, besides her mother's faith that God will make everything right? And Dad--he was the one who pushed Sean too much to begin with.
Detective Garrett, the one assigned to the case, is moving way too slow for Margaret's taste. He won't figure things out until someone else gets hurt, and Margaret isn't about to let that happen. She finally confides in her best friend Emily, who agrees to keep her eyes and ears open around school and their fav hangout, The Grill. Life changes in many ways as Margaret is forced to learn who to trust and what to believe in. Emily is a Buddhist, and a boy Margaret secretly admires, Jimmy, wants to hang out and help find the people behind the drugs. Is Emily's faith stronger than Mom's? And what does Jimmy really want?
Find out in this great new read. Told in first person, follow Margaret's journey to discover the depth of true character and faith not only in school and friends, but family.
By Lisa J. Lickel, whose latest books are Meow Mayhem, Whimsical, The Last Bequest and The Map Quilt on Amazon, and Healing Grace: a novel, Muse It Up Publishing.

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