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Monday, September 11, 2017

Looking Out the Window: Anne Patrick Talks About Her New Thriller, Cold Blooded. Gives Away a Kindle Copy

A Warm Welcome to Anne Patrick

Anne will give away a Kindle copy of Cold Blooded. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below.

Hi Anne, first, tell us a little about yourself.

I've written over a dozen stories of Romance, Mayhem, and Faith.  When I'm not working on my next novel I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Formerly a native of Oklahoma, I now reside in Kansas.

Lots of writers loved to read as children. Did you? If so what did you read?

Oh yes.  I've been a mystery lover since I was a kid.  Mostly Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.  As I grew older, my mother introduced me to Phyllis A. Whitney's books.  One of my favorites was 'The Mystery of the Haunted Pool' which won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Juvenile novel.

Why do you write?

I've always been a storyteller, even as a kid.  I'd dream up these wild adventures which a lot of times got me into trouble.  Finally, my mother convinced me to start writing the stories down instead of participating in them.  I didn't get grounded quite as much.

LOL. Tell us about your latest book.

Cold Blooded is a romantic suspense.  My heroine, Gwen Jamison, is a headstrong detective who is currently working a string of armed robberies.  When a clerk ends up getting murdered, Gwen is convinced the suspect has killed before and may be connected to an unsolved case from a few years ago.  Now she must race against the clock to find a sole witness to solve the case, all the while butting heads with her new lieutenant.

What inspired you to write this particular book?

The idea first came to mind a few years ago while reading a newspaper article.  That's where a lot of my ideas come from.

What do you love about this book? And what do you hope readers will tell others about it?

Gwen had a tough upbringing, which eventually destroyed what little faith she had.  During the course of this story, she must come to terms with her past and in the process learns that God never abandoned her.  He always placed people in her life to help her on her journey.  When something bad happens in our life and we have no one else to blame, we often blame God and fail to see the work He does in bringing about some good from every bad situation.

How do you get to know your characters?

Once I have a clear picture of who they are and what their goals and motivations are they sort of come alive in me.  They're with me constantly throughout the day and often in my dreams.  I know that sounds weird and maybe a little crazy but I don't know how else to explain it.  They more or less write the story.  I just listen and type.

What themes do you write about?

In all my books I like to include a little romance, mystery, and a faith element.  God has blessed me with this gift and I want to use it in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Do you have to juggle writing with a job, family responsibilities or other obligations? How do you balance it?

I've been fortunate in the past couple of years to be able to go part time in my day job, which allows me more writing time.  Afternoons and evenings is when I do most of my writing, leaving the weekends to spend with friends and family.

Are you a plotter or a pantzer?

Oh I'm a pantzer all the way.  Once my characters come alive I let them take over and tell me their story.  I of course have an idea of the plot and where it'll eventually take me but there are a lot of surprises along the way and that's what I love about being a pantzer.  It's like riding a roller coaster.  You never know what's over the hill or around the corner.  A lot of the times I don't know who the bad guy is until I'm almost to the end of the book.

Does your faith affect your writing? How?

Absolutely!  I think everyone struggles in their faith at one time or another.  I know I have.  I like to include this theme in a lot of my stories.  Like me, my characters aren't perfect.  Things happen in life that sometimes make it difficult to believe in the existence of a loving God.  I want my readers to know that no matter what dark valley you're traveling through, He is right beside you.  He will never, ever, forsake you!

What a great message to share. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

The best piece of advice I can offer to a new or budding author is to never give up.  There are a lot of ups and downs in the craft and there will be times you may want to throw in the towel, but don't.  Sooner or later the door will open for you and you'll find your groove.  Undoubtedly, the best book I've read about the craft is Stephen King's book 'On Writing.'  He may not be your cup of tea, but he offers some great advice.

More About Cold Blooded

Detective Gwen Jamison has the highest closure rate in her division, but when a string of armed robberies turn deadly she must race against the clock to find the sole witness that can end the carnage.  Standing in her way is a cold-blooded killer who she fears has murdered before. 

Lieutenant Ian McKean knew he would have his hands full when he took over leadership of the detectives unit. He wasn't prepared for the headstrong Detective Jamison, though, who quickly becomes a thorn in his side. 

If they can stop butting heads long enough they might realize they are more alike than either imagined.

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Miss Mae said...

Isn't it amazing how so many of us mystery authors grew up reading Nancy Drew and graduated to Phyllis Whitney or Victoria Holt? We really have a lot in common! :)

I've read several of Anne's books and they're always full of great action, but she keeps everything clean throughout, which I appreciate.

Congrats on this latest pub, Anne. You just never seem to run out of steam!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

This sounds like an intriguing book. When a detective becomes a thorn in the side of a lieutenant, that can be another fun part of a story. Congratulations on your new book, Anne.

Paula said...

This one sounds fresh and interesting. Thanks for the chance to win! paulams49ATsbcglobalDOTnet

Larry Hammersley said...

Anne: I've only read two of your novels and enjoyed them. You keep plugging away and that's great. I always like the conflict between hero and heroine. I never get tired of that story line. I admire your ability to tackle such a genre and so many of the authors we are acquainted with know their genre perfectly. It is good you have a bit more time to write. The faith and a clean approach to romance is what I've always preferred. I wish you well on this new story. Thanks, Gail for another interesting author to interview.

annepatrick07 said...

Thank you, Miss Mae. I have to say, Phyllis Whitney has always been my favorite.

annepatrick07 said...

Thank you, Paula and Linda!

annepatrick07 said...

Thanks so much, Larry!
And thank you, Gail for having me on your blog!

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Anne,

It's my pleasure to have you!

Gina said...

Couldn't agree more with Miss Mae - we all loved these great authors who influenced us so much. Yet, Anne, you have taken it to another level in your work by including the aspects of faith and God. Great job!

annepatrick07 said...

Thank you, Gina.

Library Lady said...

Hope I'm not too late to enter your giveaway.
Hurricane Irma decided to visit and stay awhile, long enough for us to lose power for 4 days.
Things are back to normal, almost. The neighborhood is fine but looks like a war zone with all the trees down, but none on the houses.
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.
Janet E.