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Monday, June 18, 2018

Looking Out The Window: Julie Cosgrove Talks About Til Dice Do Us Part, Book Four In Her Bunco Biddies Mystery Series. Gives Away Two E-books

A Warm Welcome to Julie Cosgrove

Julie will give away one ebook of Dumpster Dicing and Til Dice Do Us Part to one commentor.

Whoever goes online to her website and signs up for her newsletter will get the FREE novella prequel, The Blame Game.

Lots of writers enjoyed reading as children. Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what did you read?

I remember every night pulling out the bottom drawer of the wardrobe in Mom and Dad’s bedroom and picking out a Golden book for Mom to read to me. At an early age she introduced me to the local library, and we’d go every two weeks to pick out four books. I loved the smell of the books in that place. I even considered becoming a librarian.

 When I was twelve, I read The Ivy Tree by the late British author, Mary Stewart. I was hooked! I read every one of her suspense romance novels. Or so I thought. About two years ago I discovered her last one, which I had never read, The Rose Cottage. Oh, the day that one came in the mail!

Why do you write? 

 I have always loved to write. At first it was only for me. Getting my thoughts out on paper was easier than expressing them verbally. Then I began getting awards in high school for my creative writing. One of my stories was published in Atlantic Monthly. But life happened. And for a long while I tucked my tablet away except for journaling to God now and then. Ten years ago, God spurred my heart to take it up again and I became a freelance writer, actually making a meager income at it. My desire grew to only write for Him and doors opened to write for several faith-based publications, and later to be contracted to write novels and novellas for two publishing houses.

Now, besides being an award-winning novelist, I am a digital missionary, writing and editing devotional articles for The Life Project, a division of Campus Crusades Canada. Our articles reach over 600,000 readers per month all over the world. If anyone wants to know more about this amazing mission field, contact me on my

That's a wonderful mission. Let's talk about your books now. Tell us about your latest. 

 Til Dice Do Us Part is the fourth and final book in the Bunco Biddies Mysteries series. Throughout the other three, there has been a developing December romance and in this one, one of the Bunco Biddies is about to walk down the aisle. The only problem is, Janie (the widow of a reknowned detective and amateur sleuth) persuades the groom to help her stake out the hospital for rumored dicey dealings, and in the process he disappears just hours before the organ is to crank up the Wedding March.

What inspired you to write this particular book?  

I wanted closure for these sweet Bunco Biddies that have become such close friends to me. So I tied up some loose ends that dangled through the other three books as far as their lives go. However, each book is free standing and contains its own mystery to solve; you don’t have to read them in order. Who knows, perhaps there will be more in the future?

What do you love about this book? And what do you hope readers will tell others about it? 

Like the others in the series, Til Dice Do Us Part is meant to be humorous as well as shining light on a social issue that is prevalent today.  I hope readers enjoy the interactions of these lively seniors called the  Bunco Biddies, are stumped by the plot, and yet come away with a smile and maybe a tear or two at the end. This one has a sweet ending. But then, weddings tend to make us cry, right?

What are you working on right now?

 I am under contract for a new mystery series called the Relatively Seeking Mysteries. This time, the threesome is women in their early thirties as they get involved in genealogies. Unfortunately, they begin opening ancestral closets some people want to remain closed.

In the first, A Leaf Too Many, to launch next November, Bailey knows very little about her mother’s side of the family except that her mother has three estranged brothers. Their parents were killed in a car wreck when Bailey’s mom was 19. So when she finds pictures of a mystery girl tucked behind others in her grandmother’s photo albums, she begins to search for her identity. But doing so may not only open wounds but endanger those she loves. The next Relatively Seeking Mysteries, Fallen Leaf and Leaf Me Alone, are set to launch in 2019.

Julie Shares A Devotional From Her Blog

Where Did You Find God Today?

"Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth" (John 17:17).

I have this in a frame over my desk...“The Bible is the only book whose author is always present when one reads it.”

But recently, I read a devotional that reminded me we have a gentleman God who knocks and asks to enter into our lives, our souls, and our thoughts. The writer asked a question: if our daily Bible time had become bone dry, were we praying for the Holy Spirit to join us and reveal the meaning to us?
I thought about how many times I yawn as I sip my coffee, crack open my Bible, find the passage of the day, read it, and then check it off my to-do list. My feelings would be crushed if I knew readers treated a book I wrote in this manner.

When did I lose the idea that this is a love story?

I truly believe "All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness..." (2 Timothy 3:16)  I have known times in my life a passage has pierced my heart with the truth of its message as if God reached down and typed it onto the page that very day. Perhaps you have as well. We are blessed in the western world to have the Bible in so many places and in so many translations. It is on my coffee table, on my bookshelf, in an app on my phone, and bookmarked on my computer. Framed verses scatter the walls of my apartment. Some are taped to my desktop monitor and secured with a magnet on my fridge.

I am surrounded by the Word, hemmed in, armored. Do I take that for granted sometimes? I confess. Yes, I do. Forgive me, Lord. Speak to me anew. Enter in...the door is open.

Bio: Julie has eleven contracted novels and novellas published or in the works, mostly through Pelican/Prism Book Group  and Write Integrity Press publishers. She writes suspense, clean romance and cozy mysteries.

She also has six non-fiction works and writes for several websites and publications, including Good News Daily, The Journey, Light From the Word, and Thoughts About God. She also has her on blog which reaches readers in 51 countries: /Where Did You Find God Today?

To learn more about Julie, her books and contributions to other publications visit her website

Monday, June 11, 2018

Looking Out The Window: June Foster Talks About Flawless. Gives Away An E-book.

A Warm Welcome to June Foster

June shares a wonderful devotional with us.

To enter to win the e-book of Flawless leave a comment and an e-mail address below.


We in the Christian community hear that word a lot. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

There is absolutely nothing you can do to make yourself acceptable to stand in the presence of God. No amount of good works will be sufficient. It's one of the most precious gifts Christians can possess.

But do we really understand grace? When I tell someone outside the faith about God's grace, they generally scoff and say it's too easy. Why wouldn't God require us to do more to get right with Him? It's a challenging question since we tend to want to control our lives and strive for what we need and want.

I believe even Christians struggle with the concept of grace. I know that I do. Frequently I discover an ugly thought lurking in my head. Or, a comment that speaks ill of someone else erupts from my mouth without permission. Or I eat that extra dessert I didn't need then later I ask myself why.
Each time, I receive that gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit that my thoughts or deeds are sinful, He allows me to confess and ask forgiveness. But that seems to happen daily, hourly. Does God really forgive us that many times?

Yep. His grace is sufficient for us.

I can only thank and praise Him for his powerful grace working in my life.

About Flawless

Though Jess Colton gave his life to the Lord, he held onto an old habit. Fueled by alcohol, he spent a night with a girl from his past, defying his Christian principles. When he quit drinking to honor God, he discovered another addiction. Now he can't manage his own life as his weight soars and diabetes threatens to claim him. Jess is baffled when the beautiful Holly Harrison declares her love.

Holly Harrison lived to please herself. But everything caught up with her in one moment of time when a destructive motorcycle accident altered her life forever. Nowhere else to turn, she looked to God for answers. Now, she's convinced no Christian man would be attracted to her. She doesn’t plan on falling in love with the handsome Jess Colton seeing past his bulk to the Godly, tender man within. When Jess drives a wedge between them, she loses hope of a future together.

Can Holly overcome her handicap? Can Jess find control over his eating and his life? Only God has the answer.

Buy Flawless on Amazon

An award-winning author, June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in education and MA in counseling. Her characters find themselves in tough situations but overcome through God's power and the Word. She writes edgy topics wrapped in a good story. To date, she's seen seventeen contemporary romances and several short stories published. Find June online at

Monday, June 4, 2018

Looking Out The Window: Victoria Simcox Talks About The Prophecy, Book Four In Her Bernoven Series

A Warm Welcome to Victoria Simcox

Victoria Discusses Her Books and Writing Journey

What part of your first novel did you find hardest to write?

Hmm … that’s a tough one. I can’t pin-point a specific section in the story, but there were a few times that I scratched a scene and wrote something totally different.

What scares you most? …

Too many things to mention, but the way I handle fear is by not thinking too far into the outcome of situations, and I try to stay focused on the here and now. Coming from the old country, Austria, my mother is one for idioms, and one of her favorites is: The soup is never as hot when you eat it as when you cook it.

What is one of the most special things to you as an author?

When people, especially children tell me that they love my books. That makes me very happy.

How did you get the idea for The Bernovem Chronicles?

I was sitting in the movie theater watching the first Harry Potter movie and I envisioned my main character, Kristina, walking down a snowy sidewalk. That’s all of the story I had. Somehow inspired that night; I wrote the first page of my story, not knowing where it would go.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers?

Write for yourself; do you enjoy your story? That is very important. Before publishing, edit, edit, and edit. No one wants to read mistakes. Write a little each day so it becomes like riding a bike and part of you. Support other authors. Buy and share a review for them if you like their story. Have patience, faith and persevere. Think of your writing career as a journey. Enjoy every step along the way.

Lots of writers loved to read as children. How about you? If so, what did you read?

Only if it interested me. Some I remember were, Chronicles of Narnia. Of Mice and Men. Charlotte's Web, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

All wonderful books. Let’s talk a little more about your writing. Why do you do it?

It is my creative outlet.

What inspired you to write this particular book?

 My childhood love for fantasy. I admire C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. They were so imaginative and magical to me.

What do you love about this book? And what do you hope readers will tell others about it?

 It is filled with magical adventure, intrigue, twists and turns. Also, the ending points to Christ.

Where do you get ideas for your books? From my imagination and personal experiences mostly.

In three words describe your style of writing. spontaneous, inspirational, narrative.

What is your writing schedule and where do you write?

Whenever I can throughout the day, at my computer in my bedroom.

Are you a plotter or a pantzer? Pantzer.

Does your faith affect your writing? If so, how?

Yes. I feel the need to thread it throughout my writing in a subtle way.

Do you put yourself in your books?

Not fully, parts or aspects of my character for sure.

What are you working on right now? Another MG series.


About The Prophecy

The whole world of Bernovem is in chaos, thanks to Resucca and his followers.Kristina and company start out at Finimus Island―no more romantic, orchid scented, and breezy but raging with typhoons.
Sentiz and her followers have given the citizens of the lands two choices―become Irguls or face a horrific death.

Haunted by the gruesome old hag and the serpent, as well as dealing with her own personal teenage dilemmas, Kristina continues her mission of saving the lands. Get ready for a whirlwind of events to transpire as well as an ending that will change the course everything in this grand finale of The Bernovem Chronicles.

Buy on Amazon

Bio: Victoria was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to an Austrian immigrant mother and a Dutch immigrant father. She now calls Western Washington home. Besides her writing

career, Victoria taught elementary-school art for several years. Her past times are writing, reading, painting watercolors, hiking and spending time with her hubby of 28 years. She likes to read theological as well as some fantasy genres. Two of her favorite authors are R.C. Sproul and C.S. Lewis.

Connect with Victoria on her blog
Facebook and
Twitter: @VictoriaSimcox