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Looking Out the Window: Jo Huddleston Shares a Modern Day Miracle

Jo will be giving away a signed copy of her prayer book, Amen and Good Night, God.

Equipment for Valley Travel

My bedside vigil stretched into days as I watched meningitis suck precious life from the still form of my college-age child. Sunday afternoon I sat alone with my daughter, watching the disease apparently winning its battle. Gone were the twinkle in her eyes and the ready smile on her lips. The nurse had just left, the same one who had been coming in every 15 minutes to take vital signs. Pained and discouraged, I watched when she recorded on her chart a blood pressure reading only half what it should be.

Alone again in the hospital room, each of us experienced our own unique agony. Lying curled in a fetal position, my daughter moved only her eyes. With them almost swollen shut, she looked up at me through her consumed torture. "Mother, this may be my time to die," she whispered. No panic or fear registered in her words or in her fevered eyes.

The same thought had been silently hammering inside my mind all afternoon. Holding her limp hand in mine, I leaned closer and said quietly, "Darling, it may be." She shared a labored smile with me and slowly closed her eyes.

Amazingly, I did not curse God or offer him any arguments or attempt to bargain with Him to spare her life. I knew without doubt that my daughter believed in God's Son and trusted Him for her salvation and eternal life.

As precious minutes slipped away in that lonely hospital room, I trusted God for his comfort and everlasting strength to support me (Isaiah 26:4). I rested in the assurance that my daughter also claimed these same promises. I saw peace on her swollen face when she closed her eyes. We both accepted God's will.

Our pastor and his wife came by after evening church services. They barely concealed their shock at seeing my daughter’s hands and face twice their normal size. After speaking encouragement to her, they prayed with us in that still, quiet hospital room.

Looking back, I can only believe the Holy Spirit influenced every medical move my daughter's doctors and nurses made. The next day, her health made an unbelievable change for the better. Since she was fully recovered by Wednesday morning, the doctors released her from their care.

On Wednesday evening when our pastor found my daughter's hospital bed empty, he asked about her at the nurses’ station. Later he told us how much the nurses had marveled about her unexplainable recovery. "It's just a miracle that she survived," one nurse told him. We all smile now, knowing what absolute truth she spoke.

Does a Christian experience valleys between the mountaintop experiences? Yes. Those trying days when it was evident I might outlive my daughter were one of the deepest valleys I’ve traveled. God promises His buffering strength and calming peace for valley travel. We can always cling to His promises, "For he himself is our peace" (Ephesians 2:14).


This volume of 120 evening prayers can help you review the concerns of the day with a comforting God. Dr. Walter G. Nunn, reviewing for The Alabama Baptist, wrote, “These prayers deal with down-to-earth concerns. Quite frankly, these words provide inspiration at its highest level inasmuch as these prayers are simple, honest longings from the heart.”


Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author of books, articles, and short stories and teaches at writers’ conferences. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and a member of the Literary Hall of Fame at Lincoln Memorial University (TN). Visit with her at and also at her blog

To enter to win a signed copy of Jo's wonderful prayer book leave a comment and an email address.


Robin said…
I would love to win a book of evening prayers. Thanks so much for your contest.

robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com
lorlyn63 said…
I was so moved by Jo's story and I have been where she is, but only it was by my father's bedside. I know God performed a miracle with my Dad's brush with death and know God was not done with him yet. Thanks for sharing your story Jo and I would be honored to win a copy of your book of prayers. Thank you for the opportunity!

God's Blessings to You!
Jo said…
To Jo from another Jo, I was moved hearing the testimony of your daughter. Also wanted to share with you that we went through the same miracle when our youngest was 2 years old and had Meningitis as well. The Drs didn't expect him to make it through the night but G-d had other plans for him.I would love a copy of your book for prayers.

Maggie Brendan said…
Powerful post and great reminder that God is always near even in our darkest suffering. I'd love to win your book, Jo. Blessings!
Miss Mae said…
Wow, what an awesome moment, and such a testament to our heavenly Father's love and grace. So happy you have your daughter with you, Jo.

*I don't enter contests, so please don't enter my name*

Thank you!
Anne Patrick said…
Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing, Jo. It's a great reminder that God does perform miracles every day.
June Foster said…
Jo, I read with goose bumps on my arms the entire time. This is an amazing, beautiful story. Our God is soverign over life and death. Thank you Gail, for having this inspirational writer on your blog. June Foster
Gail Pallotta said…
Thanks to Jo for sharing this wonderful devotional with us, and thanks to everyone for stopping by.
I loved Jo's testimony of Father's faithfulness. Today at Prayer Group we had a report of no cancer present on the lungs of a dear sister AND the news of an octogenarian who fought a valiant battle with the disease and slipped from life to life more abundant. In both cases -- God is good.
Anonymous said…
Surely to lose your child would be the hardest of all loses. What a wonderful testimony you have.
Laurean Brooks said…
Hi Jo,

What a beautiful story of God's healing. Sometimes we have to relinquish our loved one to allow God to move. And for me, that is difficult.

Gail, thank you for hosting Jo. She's an exceptional woman.

I'd love to own this precious prayer book.
Jo Huddleston said…
Ladies, each of you have inspired me with your comments. Thank you for taking time to visit Gail's blog and also for spending time with me.

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