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Looking Out the Window: Lillian Duncan Talks about Writing, Murder and Mayhem. Gives away a Copy of Deadly Communications.

                                                      A warm welcome to Lillian Duncan.   She'll give away an e-book of Deadly Communications . To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below. Hi Lillian, you mentioned the town where you live to me. Tell me about it. I live in a small town in Ohio. I mean small—we only have 1 traffic light. But I love living here. I grew up in the area, but moved to the big city of Cleveland for many years. Like Dorothy, I love being home again. Yes, to use the clichĂ©, there’s no place like home. Lots of people like to know what writers read. What is your favorite genre to read? To write? The answer to both is Christian mystery and suspense with a little horror thrown in from time to time. I guess writing is sort of like eating. You are what you read, and for me that means I’m a suspense/mystery writer. Tell us about your latest, Deadly Communications. Deadly Communications features Maven Morris, a speech-language patho

Looking Out the Window: Best Selling Author Cynthia Hickey Tells Us Why She Became a Writer and Talks about Her New Books. Print Copy Give Away.

A Warm Welcome to Cynthia Hickey   Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing the story behind your writing! Cynthia will give away a print copy of  In a Texas Ranger's Arms WHY I BECAME A WRITER Funny how this roller-coaster business can tug on someone until it’s either write or die. A bit dramatic, yes, but that’s how most writers feel. I started reading at the young age of five and became hooked on words and stories. Being a shy child, I would make up stories to act out, but it wasn’t until Junior High and an English teacher assigned a writing project that I realized how much I loved putting the story to paper. I began writing short stories in which my younger brother was featured as the hero or I’d write a romance featuring me and whatever boy I had a crush on at the time. When I turned fifteen, I wrote my first “real story” about terrorists taking over a high school. Funny how I have now seen that very plot made into a movie. I couldn’t be stopped after that first “book