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Looking Out the Window: Multi-published, Award-winning Author Mildred Colvin Takes Up Self Publishing and Tells Us How. She'll Also Give Away a Book.

Less than two years ago in April of 2011, I started a journey I have yet to regret. With fear of the unknown and the possibility of failure hounding me, I joined the ranks of the Indie-Published, otherwise known as self-published. The publishing world was not new to me after more than ten years of writing for Barbour Publishing’s Heartsong Presents line. But there, I had the backing of editors and all the many people who bring together a manuscript into a polished book. Once I stepped across the line to the do-it-yourself side, I found that most, if not all, of that work fell on my shoulders. Since that first book, Learning to Lean , I’ve published ten more in seventeen months. Eight were never before published, while three are from my back list. Two of those, Cora and Eliza , each grew from 50,000 word books to over 80,000 words. They now contain the full story of Cora’s Deception and Eliza’s Mistake . Readers who have read both versions have commented that they seem like new st

Looking Out the Window: Read About June Foster's Blog Tour. Win Prizes and Learn About June's New Book, As We Forgive.

Enter to win prizes on June Foster's As We Forgive Blog Tour Leave a comment and email address on this interview for a chance to be entered into the As We Forgive Blog Tour Giveaway. The prize pack includes two sets of handmade cards (one monogrammed, one miscellaneous cards) A San Juan Island Pendant, and an Amazon Gift Certificate for $10.00. Visit June's Blog here for more chances to enter.  Deadline to Enter will be October 18th. The winner will be announced on October 20th. Hi. Welcome, June. First, tell us a little about yourself. I am a retired teacher with a BA in Education and MA in Counseling. I'm the mother of two and grandmother of 10. I began writing in January 2010 the same month my husband and I began our adventure in our RV. We now live and travel full time. My sweet resourceful husband took out the couch and replaced it with a writing desk and two file cabinets. Neat. Tell us about your latest book. As We Forgive is book #2 in the Bell

Looking Out the Window: Cathy West, Who Writes Books of Hope and Healing, Talks about Hidden in the Heart and Offers a Give Away

Cathy will give away a copy of her new book, Hidden in the Heart. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address. First, tell us a little about yourself. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda. I love flowers of all kinds, but especially roses and orchids. I’m a dog lover and have a rambunctious border collie called Noah. I’m the very proud mother of two amazingly talented children – my son is in his second year at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and my daughter is finishing up her degree in photography and planning her wedding next May! Wow! What a wonderful place to grow up and live. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? I’ve always loved books! Growing up in Bermuda, a British colony, I read a lot of Beatrix Potter and then later, Enid Blyton. I read so many books that I didn’t have enough room on the shelves for them all! Now for your writing, is there a special reason why you write? I write because I love it! Truly. I lov

Looking Out the Window: CBA Best Selling Author Maggie Brendan Shares a Beautiful Fall Devotional and Talks about Her New Book, Twice Promised. She'll Give Away a Copy..

Read about Three Heavens. She'll Give Away a copy of Twice Promised. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address. AUTUMN SOVEREIGNTY We are having perfect fall weather today, and I relish walking through my neighborhood each afternoon admiring the canvas of God’s handiwork. Many times I’ll carry my camera or cell phone to snap a picture of autumn’s beauty. As usual, I’m energized when leaves will soon change from deep orange, brilliant reds, and burnished gold from the oaks, sweetgums, and maples on either side of our boulevard.  I think God speaks to my heart through what I see reminding me of His goodness, and the fact that he remains faithful beyond what we humans can begin to conceive or even comprehend. He does this in many ways, but one that’s so evident to anyone with a pair of eyes, is by ushering in fall with all its brilliancy on time without fail. The cerulean sky is cloudless and bright as I look up knowing that beyond this atmosphere is the thi