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WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY, SAFE NEW YEAR! Beginning on Tuesday, January 4th, join The Sweetest Romance Authors for a round robin writing adventure at Coffee Time Romance. We'll be writing a sci-fi story, and we'd like you to participate. Some of us have written science fiction, but lots of us haven't, so we'll see where the story leads together. The biggest thing to remember -- The Sweetest Romance Authors write only G-rated material. We hope to see you at our forum. It's

Looking in the Window: Christmas Love

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! BE SURE TO CHECK BELOW FOR CHRISTMAS FUN GIVEAWAYS AND PRIZES The Love of Christmas It’s Christmas Eve in Georgia. My husband, my daughter and I are riding on deserted streets into the cold, dark night. The pots and pans in my kitchen are washed and dried. The rolls of wrapping paper are empty; the presents under the tree. We pull into the church parking lot and go inside. We find a seat in the back, where the woman beside me brushes flour from her skirt. I smile at her and settle into the peacefulness reflected by the Christmas tree glimmering at the altar. Bright green wreaths with red bows line the sanctuary filled with a congregation dressed in red and green. I listen to the Christmas story. Ushers hand out candles, lighting one on the end of each row. The overhead lights go dim. We pass the flame from one person to another while we sing “Silent Night.” All the hustle-bustle of the season leaves me. I am still. I rejoice in Jesus’ birth. W

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Delia Latham

I’m so happy to have Delia Lathan to talk about Destiny’s Dream , the first book in her Solomon’s Gate series, which revolves around a Christian dating agency of the same name. A dating service – what fun! And, she’s having a contest. Be sure to click on “my website” at the end of the interview to learn about it. First tell us a little about yourself: I’m a born-and-raised California girl, recently transplanted to Oklahoma. (That’s a big change for a gal past 50!) I’m a wife of 37 years, a mother to four adult children, and Nanny to nine, counting the five extra grandchildren God “brought” into our family. I enjoy singing, and especially enjoy Southern Gospel music. And I enjoy designing marketing products, such as business cards, bookmarks, flyers, postcards, etc. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? It would probably be easier to say what I didn’t read! J I’ve loved books ever since I was introduced to “Dick and Jane.” (Okay, I know, that really dates me, d

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Danielle Thorne

Danielle Thorne's Goodie Tour: Crazy Corn – Caramel Corn, That Is! I'm so happy to have talented writer Danielle Thorne. I've recently learned that she's a great cook. She's here with a holiday recipe. And she'll tell us a little about her sweet romances. Hi, Gail! Happy Holidays to you and your readers. Thanks for letting me drop by on my Goodie Tour to share some recipes for the Season. I've pulled out my best end-of-year recipes that make great additions for parties and get-togethers. Today I'd like to share something near and dear to my heart – and my taste buds. I love snacks that I can gobble up myself and give away as gifts. My Crazy Crunch caramel corn recipe covers both bases. Adapted from a magazine recipe I found many years ago, this popcorn is a unique find and the best caramel corn I've ever tried. I highly recommend doubling. Enjoy! DANIELLE THORNE'S CRAZY CORN 6 cups of microwave-popped Kettle Corn (sweetened p

Looking Out the Window: Art and Spirituality

STAINED GLASS ART BY CAROLYN BOYER Ah, the tangled webs we weave Right, Copper cross, geode, stained glass Connecting art and faith began for me in the 70’s as I linked new theological insights regarding women in biblical history and interpretation with the work of two contemporary women artists, Judy Chicago and Sister Corita Kent. At that time I embraced the women’s movement and the feminism which espoused equality and inclusion in secular and religious life. I still do. As inclusive language became the norm in public life, I longed for the church to utilize it in worship and conversation including references to the feminine imagery for God found in the Bible. I became acutely aware that visual images and words, read and spoken, influence self image and behavior and inform an understanding of the world and faith. Left: Now we see in a mirror dimly... The works and words of artists Judy Chicago and Sister Corita Kent profoundly influenced me as a woman and an artist. Vi

Looking Out the Window: Welcome K. Dawn Byrd

AND THE WINNER IS...... DANIELLE CONGRATULATIONS, DANIELLE It’s great to have K. Dawn Byrd, author of Killing Time. She'll be giving away a mouse pad with the image of her book cover on it. To enter to win leave a comment with your email address (U.S. residents only). I'll select a winner on November 3rd! First, tell us how your story originated. I've always been an avid reader and planned to write a book one day. When I began work as a counselor in a jail, I thought that would be a neat setting for the book. I began to jot down notes about the environment such as sights, sounds, and smells. Before I knew it, my heroine had formed in my mind, begging me to tell her story. What a worthwhile job! Tell us about your journey from idea to publication. This book didn't go through rejections because I never sent it out. I did enter it in some contests in order to get feedback. It finaled in the Duel on the Delta last year. An agent took a look at it and said that she r

Looking in the Window: Remembering a Lizard in the Sand

I carried the blue canvas stadium chair to the beach and planted it in the deep, white sand. A baby lizard lay in the seat. My husband, Rick, flipped it out with his hand and turned around to set up his chair. Tail and all, the tiny creature measured only one to one-and-a-half inches. Trying to move, it writhed in the grained earth. Bright sunshine lit up the fall day, but the shore felt chilly to my bare feet. He must be cold. I stared at the lizard. His little arms and legs so thin; his fingers, like short pieces of thread, wiggled frantically. “Now you’ve done it.” Rick sat down. “He can’t travel on the beach,” I said. Rick stood. Using his foot, he scooped up a large amount of sand with the lizard atop it. He took several steps, and the sand filtered to the ground, so he flicked off the lizard and repeated the process. At first the little reptile squirmed as though he tried to escape. But after a while he lay very still while Rick picked him up and moved him. At last Rick reac

Looking Out the Window: Crisp Air, a Dry Leaf on My Deck, and Football in the Den

Football is on television tonight. Once right after we married my husband, Rick, turned on the T V at 2:00 a.m., to watch two high school teams I’d never heard of. I’m not sure everyone is that huge of a fan, but college games bring out fierce loyalties among their alumnae, and followers of professional football will often travel hundreds of miles to support their favorite teams. During the first five years of our marriage we had season tickets to a college team on Saturday and a professional team on Sunday. I grew to appreciate the skilled players and the execution of well designed plays. I still abhor those who must commit a flagrant foul with the intent of injuring a talented player to gain an advantage. But, desperate behavior shows up in all walks of life. In many ways a football game with its set-backs, momentary glories and determined players resembles a snip-it of life. Possibly, that’s what fuels the sadness over a loss and the ecstasy of a win. When our team wins, we feel t

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Linda Weaver Clark

Linda Weaver Clark tells us about her journey from romance to mystery writer and talks about Anasazi Intrigue and Mayan Intrigue, the first two books of the adventure series about John and Julia Evans. To enter to win a copy of a book click on the link below to Linda's blog. Romance VS Mystery! I have written five historical romance novels but have changed to mystery. The writing process between romance and mystery is quite a change with a completely different mind set. It's so different from telling a love story. With romance, you plan out the plot around the meeting of a couple. As you write, you develop some sort of charisma between the characters, making the reader feel excited that one day they're going to hit it off and fall in love. You, as the reader, know what the outcome will be. But with a mystery, the reader is in the dark. The author has to come up with a plot that no one knows about unt

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Irene Brand and Anita Higman

The heat indexes may be soaring, but before we know it the temperatures will fall and Christmas will be right around the corner. Irene Brand and Anita Higman give us a great opportunity to get an early start on our gifts or purchase a treasure for ourselves. They each have a Christmas novella in the new compilation, Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe. The book releases on September 1, but they'll be giving away a free copy to one visitor. To enter to win leave your email address with a comment. I'll put the names on pieces of paper and draw one on Sunday, August 29th. Both novellas are interconnected. And, Anita and Irene are here to tell us how they did it. Was it difficult to connect your two stories? Anita: Not at all. We had a brainstorming session by phone and by email and figured it out. Irene’s historical novella, An Appalachian Christmas is tied to my contemporary novella, Once Upon a Christmas Eve . They are connected through the passing of a mistleto

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Reverend Keith Boyer

Reverend Keith Boyer who grew up in New York City shares a little known story about his native town. A Nearly Forgotten New York Story In the 1950’s I lived on East 6th Street in New York City. While normally taking a bus to school, I occasionally walked following a route that took me through Tompkins Square Park. The park was home to a simple and what appeared to be long-neglected fountain. It was just something to walk by. It wasn’t until 2004 that I learned the fountain had been built as a memorial to the 1,021 New Yorkers who lost their lives on June 15, 1904 in a fire on the excursion ship General Slocum. On that bright sunny day, over 1300 people, mostly women and children who had emigrated from Germany, crowded aboard the ship at the East River’s 3rd street pier in anticipation of a day of fun at the Locust Grove picnic grounds on Long Island. The excursion had become an annual congregational event of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Over 1500 tickets had been sold

Looking out the Window: WIN A PRIZE

SOMETHING COOL GOING ON… On Tuesday, July 27th , join me for an interview at Long and Short Reviews, I’ll talk about writing and reveal the secret ingredient in my pecan pie recipe. On Wednesday, July 28th, I’ll chat on the Long and Short Reviews yahoo site at I was in Destin, Florida recently. I went tar ball hunting and found none! The beach is beautiful. I’d love to tell you about it. Also, I’ll be giving away a four-inch painted tile with a beach scene and a two-way metal rack. To find out how to win stop by for the interview and the chat. See you there!

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Miss Mae

Today, I’m happy to have Miss Mae, the founder of The Sweetest Romance Authors. About them she says, “We enjoy the kinder, gentler romances our mothers and grandmothers grew up with.” But, she’s quick to point out that these are not boring stories. Be sure to stop by her Web site after the interview to pick up a free download of “Fated Destiny.” It’s Hi Miss Mae. First, tell us a little about yourself. So, can I blow my own horn here? LOL Okay, I’m awed to say that my books, “Said the Spider to the Fly”, “See No Evil, My Pretty Lady”, “Dove Island”, “When the Bough Breaks”, “It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred” are all award winning best sellers. On the personal side, I’ve been happily married to the same Georgia country boy that I met 38 years ago. Our one daughter is married, so we replaced her absence with the company of four orphaned, very noisey canines! Congratulations on your success. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? Yes

Looking in the Window: Oh, To Be Magnetic

My daughter and I love to bargain shop. But we browse more than we buy. Many times after we get inside a store and go to a particular display we’re the only two people there. We pick up items and discuss them. If we really get interested in something, whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, accessories or gifts and books, we study it. If it’s a book, we make sure the print, pages and binding are intact. If it’s jewelry, and it’s supposed to have a necklace and earrings, we look to see if it has both. But this isn’t a piece about how to bargain shop. Usually after we’ve been at a station for a while people flock around us. Then it’s extremely difficult to get to the merchandise. My daughter always asks, “Why is no one interested in this stuff until we start looking at it?” I say, “I don’t know. Let’s look somewhere else, and they’ll leave in a little bit.” One day my daughter complained to one of her friends about people in the stores rooting us out of our territory. Her friend said, “You

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Loree Lough

Loree will be giving away a copy of her new book, Beautiful Bandit . To enter to win leave your email address with a comment.I'll put the names on pieces of paper and have my husband draw one on Monday night, July 5th. Hi Loree, first tell us a little about yourself. Before I do that, I’d like to take just a moment and thank Gail for inviting me to her blog. It’s an honor and a joy to be here! A little about me, hmm? Well, I have brown eyes and blondish hair, I’m 5’1” tall, and weigh…. Thank the Lord those tidbits aren’t what you’re looking for! My dad worked for the Veterans Administration, so the family lived in a slew of cities. I held a myriad of careers to pay my way through school, and all that working and moving is probably responsible for my ability to talk to just about anybody, anywhere. For the past 20 years, though, I’ve lived in the same house and worked at the same job: Writing. And I love both. Being a people person is definitely a plus. Were you an a


I put all the names on small pieces of paper and asked my husband to pick one. And he picked... drum roll...Jan Marie. Congratulations on winning a copy of Texas Roads !

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Cathy Bryant

Today I'm talking with Cathy Bryant. She'll be giving away a free copy of Texas Roads (U.S. entries). Be sure to leave your e-mail address with a comment and use name [at] address [dot] com to keep away spammers. I'll put the names on pieces of paper and draw one on Sunday night. First, tell us a little about yourself . I’m a wife, mom, Nana, and private music instructor. In between all those rolls, I write. I enjoy walking, bicycling, hiking, canoeing, and gardening—basically anything that gets me outdoors. I live in a century-old Texas farmhouse with my hubby and a phobia-ridden cat. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? Avid may not be a strong enough word. I learned to read early and read everything I could get my hands on. My favorite book from childhood is Anne of Green Gables. Why do you write? Call it a calling or a compulsion—either would be accurate. I never would have guessed that writing would be so difficult and so addicting. A

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Shawna Williams

Shawna's new book, NO OTHER, is the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS BOOK CLUB SELECTION for September. Shawna will give away a PDF file of No Other and a fresh water pearl bracelet to one person who leaves a comment, so be sure to leave your email as name [at] address [dot] com or [dot] net to keep away spammers, and Shawna will draw a name next week and contact the winner. Hi Shawna, First, tell us a little about yourself. I'm pretty ordinary. I'm a mom of three wonderful kids, and I've been married to their dad for 18 and a half yrs. We live on a ranch in Mena, AR, where we raise cattle, horses, goats and rabbits. My interests vary a bit. Apart from writing I also design jewelry, review books, try to keep up with a blog, homeschool, and look after my family. I'm nerdy in that I think it's fun to study geology and ancient cultures. I'm sentimental in that I can never pass up an abandoned ruin of a house without snapping a pictur

Looking Out the Window: An Award We Don't Need

A few weeks ago I received an email about an award to be given for honesty. In the blink of an eye, I realized I knew no one who would expect to receive such an accolade, so whatever the requirements to nominate someone were, they didn't concern me. I deleted the email and scrolled to another one. But the headline has been screaming at me. In one instant I think, "An award for honesty? What has our society come to? But in the next minute I think of all the deception around us. Within the past year we've heard about insider trading, corrupt management of governmental agencies and folks who take other people's money for themselves while telling them they're investing it. Not to mention, the many times prominent political figures have lied to the public about their relationships, what they'll do when they get in office, and what they believe. Yet, a majority of people still want righteous leaders. If they didn't, folks wouldn't have to lie in the first