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Looking Out the Window: Lynn Lovegreen Talks about Gold Nuggets, Her Latest Book in the Gold Rush Series

A Warm Welcome to Lynn Lovegreen Lynn will give away an ebook copy of Gold Nuggets . To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address. Also, be sure to check out her fun quiz at the end of the interview. Hi Lynn, first, tell us a little about yourself. I was lucky enough to grow up in Alaska, and still live there. I’m a retired teacher who now writes full-time. I write young adult historical romance, and Prism Book Group publishes my Gold Rush series. Lots of writers loved to read as children. How about you? Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what did you read? Yes—mine was a reading household, and I read anything I could get my hands on. I read a lot of children’s books (favorite picture book: The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, favorite chapter book author: E. B. White). I enjoyed strong young ladies, like the Little House, Anne , and Nancy Drew books. But I also waded into my mother’s poetry and Shakespeare books early on, and read both young adul

Looking Out the Window: Blog Tour Book Launch for What God Knew

A Warm Welcome to June Foster   Congratulations on your new book, What God Knew.   About What God Knew Neonatal specialist Dr. Michael Clark is passionate about saving the lives of premature babies. But the pediatrics department at El Camino General can't provide the care many of his preemies require. Now he wants to build a specialty hospital where he can better offer medical treatment for his young patients. Tammy Crawford is an accomplished geriatrics RN who wants nothing to do with her sister Joella's religious beliefs. She's independent and doesn't need anyone, including God in pursuing a new job as a nurse practitioner. When she falls in love with the intriguing Michael Clark, she must reconsider her resolve to devote herself completely to her career and not become distracted by a romantic relationship. Now the obstacles are insurmountable. She's in love with a man from another culture and a different race. Michael acknow

Looking Out the Window: Brandy Heineman Talks about Writing and Her New Book, Whispers in the Braches

A Warm Welcome to Brandy Heineman Photo credit: Copyright Emilie Hendryx of E. A. Creative Photography, 2014.  Hi Brandy, lots of writers enjoyed reading as a child. How about you? If so, what did you read? Oh, yes. I always loved to read. I adored mysteries— The Dollhouse Murders and Behind the Attic Wall come to mind—and of course I had my Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High phase, my Roald Dahl phase, my Judy Bloom phase . . . I was quite a bookish child, I’d say! About Whispers in the Branches In 1942, Ruby lost something. In 2012, Abby found it. Abby’s love life, career, and faith are in shambles when she first hears Great Aunt Ruby’s claims that the family home is haunted. Abby moves in, determined to shake out a ghost, but the secrets she discovers there aren’t the ones she hopes to find. Whispers in the Branches is my first novel. It was released earlier this year by Elk Lake Publishing. Buy Whispers in the Branches on Amazon Where