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Looking Out The Window: Julie Cosgrove Talks About Til Dice Do Us Part, Book Four In Her Bunco Biddies Mystery Series. Gives Away Two E-books

A Warm Welcome to Julie Cosgrove Julie will give away one ebook of Dumpster Dicing and Til Dice Do Us Part to one commentor. Whoever goes online to her website and signs up for her  newsletter will get the FREE novella prequel, The Blame Game. Lots of writers enjoyed reading as children. Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what did you read? I remember every night pulling out the bottom drawer of the wardrobe in Mom and Dad’s bedroom and picking out a Golden book for Mom to read to me. At an early age she introduced me to the local library, and we’d go every two weeks to pick out four books. I loved the smell of the books in that place. I even considered becoming a librarian.  When I was twelve, I read The Ivy Tree by the late British author, Mary Stewart. I was hooked! I read every one of her suspense romance novels. Or so I thought. About two years ago I discovered her last one, which I had never read, The Rose Cottage . Oh, the day that one came in the mail!

Looking Out The Window: June Foster Talks About Flawless. Gives Away An E-book.

A Warm Welcome to June Foster June shares a wonderful devotional with us. To enter to win the e-book of Flawless leave a comment and an e-mail address below. Grace We in the Christian community hear that word a lot. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8 There is absolutely nothing you can do to make yourself acceptable to stand in the presence of God. No amount of good works will be sufficient. It's one of the most precious gifts Christians can possess. But do we really understand grace? When I tell someone outside the faith about God's grace, they generally scoff and say it's too easy. Why wouldn't God require us to do more to get right with Him? It's a challenging question since we tend to want to control our lives and strive for what we need and want. I believe even Christians struggle with the concept of grace. I know that I do. Frequently I di

Looking Out The Window: Victoria Simcox Talks About The Prophecy, Book Four In Her Bernoven Series

A Warm Welcome to Victoria Simcox Victoria Discusses Her Books and Writing Journey What part of your first novel did you find hardest to write? Hmm … that’s a tough one. I can’t pin-point a specific section in the story, but there were a few times that I scratched a scene and wrote something totally different. What scares you most? … Too many things to mention, but the way I handle fear is by not thinking too far into the outcome of situations, and I try to stay focused on the here and now. Coming from the old country, Austria, my mother is one for idioms, and one of her favorites is: The soup is never as hot when you eat it as when you cook it. What is one of the most special things to you as an author? When people, especially children tell me that they love my books. That makes me very happy. How did you get the idea for The Bernovem Chronicles ? I was sitting in the movie theater watching the first Harry Potter movie and I envisioned my main character, Kri