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Looking out the Window: The American Christian Fiction Writers December New Releases

    Photo Courtesy of Google More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website Contemporary - General: Broken Together by Brenda S. Anderson -- Jennifer and Chad Taylor had dreamed of opening a coffee and cocoa shop since before they said, “I do.” When Chad is sent to prison for murder despite claiming innocence, that dream—along with their family—is shattered. After years of fighting for Chad’s release, Jennifer finally breaks free from her shame, anger, and hopelessness, and forges ahead with the dream the two of them once shared. With the help of their college-aged twins, she begins to move forward. Without Chad. When their lawyer arrives with news of evidence that may prove Chad’s innocence, a strange mixture of emotions overtakes her. Does she want Chad to return home? He isn’t the same man he once was, and she certainly isn’t the same woman. She’s worked hard to piece the remnants of their family back together, and his coming home
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Looking out the Window: Carol Wilson James Talks about Her New Book, No Longer a Captive. Gives away an E-book.

 A Warm Welcome to Carol Wilson James Carol will give away an e-Book of No Longer a Captive. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below.  Hi Carol, first, tell us a little about yourself. Gail, thanks so much for letting me visit your blog. It's my pleasure to have you. I am a wife to one, a mother to two, a grandmother to five, and a doggie-mama to one (Zoe, a Jack Russell terrier––who sometimes seems like a dozen.) I love reading, writing, walking, M&M’s (plain), and soccer (both MLS and Premier League). I enjoy all kinds of music, but especially worship music and hymns. In fact, each of my novels is based upon a song as well as a Bible verse. I play worship music as I write. I find it brings me inspiration and encouragement. Recently, I allowed Zoe to establish Instagram and Facebook pages with two of her dog friends, Sandy and Brody. Follow them at 3 Dogs and Their Authors to discover the behind the scenes info about being a writer’s dog Why do you write? Un

Looking Out the Window: Denise Weimer Talks About A Harvest Heart, Book #16 in the Georgia Peaches Series. Gives Away an E-Book.

A Warm Welcome to Denise Weimer Denise will give away an e-Book of A Harvest Heart . To enter to win leave an email address and a comment below. Hi Denise, tell us what inspired you to write A Harvest Heart.   A friend of my husband from college who also became a writer contacted me about joining The Georgia Peaches Series. This MAP (Multiple Author Project) features monthly contemporary Christian romance novellas set in Georgia. Since I’ve always been a Georgia peach and 95% of my stories are set in my home state, it seemed a perfect fit. I found that releasing independently published novellas between my traditional, full-length book releases is a good way to stay connected to my readers. Plus, I’m a sucker for seasonal romances. My first Georgia Peaches story, A Holiday Heart  is set in December, also in the North Georgia mountains.   What do you love about this book? And what do you hope readers will tell others about it?  I have a meme that sums it up.   As I’ll share next, I do w

Looking out the Window: Terri Gillespie Talks about Her New Book, Sweet Rivalry. Gives Away a Copy.

A Warm Welcome to Terri Gillespie Terri will give away a print copy of Sweet Rivalry (U.S. residents only). To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below. Hi Terri, first, tell us a little about yourself. Were you an avid reader as a child? As a child and through my teenage years, I struggled with learning disabilities, so you wouldn’t think I would love books. But I did. The smell, the feel of the cover and pages, seeing them on a bookshelf.  Going to the library was an adventure. I entered with hope that there would be that special book that I could completely read, fully understand. But when it was time to return them, none had been read, or finished. More than anything I wanted to read them through. Not just the first few pages over and over again, but all the way to the end. Having a vivid imagination, I wrote in my head what the story could be about. If I read enough of the story, I could figure it out, mostly. It wasn’t until my younger sisters were born that I rea