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The Winner of The Inn at Cranberry Cove

  The winner is... Hats... Horns... Congratulations, Shirley!
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Looking out the Window: Christian Author and Selah Award Winner June Foster Discusses What The Phrase "One day Jesus..." Means to Her and Talks About Her Award-winning Book, The Inn at Cranberry Cove. Gives Away a Kindle Copy.

  A Warm Welcome to June Foster  To enter to win the Kindle copy of The Inn at Cranberry Cove enter the Rafflecopter contest below. One Day Jesus Last week I sat down to read my Daily Bread devotional. The scripture began in Luke 11. I started reading verse one. "One day Jesus..." I couldn't read any farther. The words "one day Jesus" continue to reverberate in my mind. I said the words over and over. Verse one of Luke 11 precedes the verses where Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray. Yet I couldn't get past the simple meaning I found in those three words. Jesus came to earth from heaven dwelling in time and space. He walked the earth for approximately 12,045 days. On one of those days, he taught his disciples to pray. On many of the other days, he taught people how to live and love each other. And on the final day, he made the supreme sacrifice giving his life for all mankind.   The reality of the message hit me square in the middle of my heart. One day

Looking Out the Window: May American Christian Fiction Writers New Releases

May 2022 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction  Finder website     Contemporary Romance:   Anchored Hearts by Julie Arduini -- Can two go-getters surrender their need to control and find a happily-ever-after? Jordyn Bell Hart succeeds in everything she does. Her promotion to morning show co-anchor blossoms her career in the same way her mother’s work had. Jordyn keeps tabs on her family and enjoys helping them grow. When life around her starts to change, can she surrender her desire to control? Spencer Collins knows how to balance a busy life. He has his work as a reporter, his time caregiving for his grieving father, and looking out for his little brother. When he learns he’s the new co-anchor of a morning show with Jordyn Hart, can he handle working with a celebrity who brings a lot of challenges to life on and off the set? (Contemporary Romance from Surrendered Scribe Media) Finding Love in San Antonio by Miralee Fer

Looking out the Window: Award-winning Author Kathleen Neely Talks about Finding God's Purpose for Us and Her New Book, Though the Mountains Be Shaken. Gives Away a Copy.

  A Warm Welcome to Kathleen Neely Kathleen will give away either an e-Book or a print copy (U.S. Residents only) of Though the Mountains be Shaken , winner's choice. To enter to win see the Rafflecopter contest below. The Missing Piece  Shel Silverstein is an icon in the world of children’s poetry. Where the Sidewalk Ends. The Giving Tree. Falling Up. I could go on and on. His simplistic illustrations, often in black and white, have become synonymous with his name.  He authored a book titled The Missing Piece . Here’s the quick premise. It looks like a cheese wheel with a wedge removed, or perhaps an open-mouthed Pac-man. It knows that something is missing, so proceeds to hunt for it.  Every solution turns out wrong. It squeezes misshapen objects in an attempt to fill the emptiness. Too large. Too small. An incorrect form.  Many lessons await us in this simple, yet complex children’s book. I’ve found myself trying to fill the emptiness with possessions, work, people, and even wit

Looking out the Window: Angela Shelton Talks about Work and Reward and Introduces Collapse: The Death of Friendship, the First Book in her Collapse Series of Post Apocalyptic Stories

A Warm Welcome to Angela Shelton Angela will give away a signed, print copy of  Collapse:  The Death of Friendship. To enter to win click  here.  (U.S. residents) Angela shares her insights about working and getting a reward for our efforts, or not. Covered in Mud We love our furry children. Ricky and Lucy are always up to something. One of my favorite “bad dog” stories is when we’d first purchased the farm and were out working on fences. We brought the dogs with us, but since they are both runners, they had to be contained. It was too hot to leave them in the truck while we worked, so we set up a dog run between two trees. Each of them had their own lead, so they could freely run about eighty feet, in the shade of the trees, or out in the sun to bask if they preferred. They often played together, so there was also the ability for them to be together or move apart. They had plenty of room to entertain themselves while we slaved away in the scorching sun, repairing wires and clearing

He Is Risen!

  The powerful, miraculous Easter message tells us one day we’ll be dead to this world, dead to sin, and alive wrapped in God’s glory. Jesus lived among the Jews and the gentiles showing us his Gospel of love, telling us how to live in peace and care for each other. The suffering He endured illustrates our imperfect world and His unconditional love for us. His resurrection proclaims God’s sovereignty.   Photo Courtesy of Photo Bucket “Now as Jesus was going up to Jerusalem, he took the twelve disciples aside and said to them, ‘We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and the teachers of the law. They will condemn him to death and will turn him over to the Gentiles to be mocked and flogged and crucified…’” (Matthew 20: 17 -18) Photo Courtesy of Pixabay His crucifixion shows us God’s unconditional love. Photo Courtesy of Photo Bucket His resurrection proclaims there’s nothing, not even death, God can’t overcome. “After the Sabbath, at dawn on