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MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                 MERRY CHRISTMAS !                          MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                                                MERRY CHRISTMAS!        MERRY CHRISTMAS! This year's Christmas reminds me of an exciting, wonderful movie on the television with the sound turned off. I walk into a mall, and with the exception of my local Sears store, there's no indication that it's anything except an ordinary day. I purchase a gift and the clerk says, "Thank you. Have a nice day." I want to scream. "This is a Christmas present. I'm buying it because it's Christmas!" I know the clerks are doing what they've been told, so I don't. There are throngs of people waiting in line to buy gifts in their stores. It doesn't look like an ordinary day. Who told them it was? Why? On December twenty-fifth Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. They've been doing it in this country as long

Give Aways Galore

A Special "Thank You" Christmas Give Away with Ten Christian Authors Until December 18th!! Enter to win Romance, Amish, Children's, Teens, Devotions and More, including Stopped Cold! More information on how to enter  here . Also, enter to win Stopped Cold in My Family's Heart Book Reviews and Tours Celebration party for 2,500 likes. Selection includes sweet romance and Christian books. More information here

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Deborah Malone and Her Heroine, Trixie Montgomery of the Cozy Mystery Series. Deborah Will Give Away a Copy of Terror on Tybee Island

It’s great to have Deborah Malone to talk about her fun cozy mystery series and her new book. She’ll give away a copy of Terror on Tybee Island . To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address. 1.First, tell us a little about yourself, Debbie . Well, I’m a Georgia Peach, but my two older brothers were born in Cinn, Ohio. My dad worked for General Electric and was transferred to Georgia. He was originally from Opelika, Ala and my mother was from Cinn. Talking about North meeting South. I often think if they stayed in Ohio I’d be a %^&* Yankee   2. Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what did you read? I loved to read as a child. I think I came out of the womb reading. I read any mystery I could get my hands on. I think I read all of Nancy Drew’s books and some of Trixie Beldon . My character Trixie is named after Trixie Beldon. 3. I'm a big fan of Nancy Drew also. What do you write?   Surprise, surprise! I write cozy mysteries. 4. Sounds like