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Looking Out the Window: K Dawn Byrd Talks about Writing Books in Thirty Days and Her Latest Book

She'll give away a download of her new book, This Time for Keeps. To enter to win leave a comment and email address. Many writers grew up with a love of reading. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? I was such an avid reader as a child that mother has said many times that I was so quiet she never knew I was even in the house. Nancy Drew was my absolute favorite. Why do you write? I first began writing seriously about four years ago. I write because it's more than a hobby, it's a passion. I can't NOT write. I write because the words bubble up inside me and I have to get them on the page. Tell us about your latest book. Here's the cover blurb from This Time for Keeps: India McGuire's peaceful life is shattered when on the night of her engagement to David Richards, she comes face to face with Chase Porter, a long lost love. India must come to terms with her overpowering feelings for Chase and choose between David, the neighbor w

Looking Out the Window: October in Destin, Florida

During Thanksgiving I'm thankful for so many blessings, church, family, friends and good times. It's fitting to put up photos from our fall trip to Destin, Florida. Waiting for sunset on the deck with friends. The lady in pink is ninety-six. The salt air's gotta' be good for you.    It's almost time. More people show up to watch. The view from a twelfth-story balcony just before sunset The sun is setting                                                    Almost...                                               Side note: Hubby and me at Fisherman's Wharf                              

Looking Out the Window: A Chat with Mildred Colvin, a Disciplined Writer

Mildred Colvin talks about the writing life and her books of romance, faith, forgiveness and trust. She'll be giving away a copy of her new e-book, Love Returned . To enter to win, leave a comment and email address. Hi Mildred. It's great to have you. First, tell us a little about yourself. Gail, thank you for inviting me here today. I write sweet, inspirational romances and have fifteen in print at this time. I’m excited to announce my first novella to be included in an anthology, titled Home for the Holidays, will be published early fall of next year in A Cascades Christmas by Barbour Publishing. I am privileged to be working with some very talented ladies. Mary Davis will contribute A Carpenter’s Christmas , Gina Welborn is writing All Ye Faithful , and Debby Lee’s story is titled One Evergreen Night. All four stories will tie in together as the four heroes are close friends who work in the lumber industry in one way or another. I'll look forward to that. Tell

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Award-winning Author Darlene Franklin

 Award winning author Darlene Franklin      discusses writing and talks about Lone Star Trail,  the first book in her new Texas series Hi Darlene, it looks as though reading has been a big part of your life. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? My mother introduced me to the joy of reading as a young child (I can still quote large portions of The Cat in the Hat, which was fairly new when I was a child!) I graduated to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but by the time I was ten, I was bored with the children’s section of the library and started reading adult novels. I had a marvelous list of books you should read before college, and I read as many as I could. I went through my Charles Dickens’ phase as a high freshman and Thomas Hardy as a junior. It’s always interesting to learn what inspires writers. What inspired you to write this particular book? I have a tremendous interest in the multitude of immigrants who have made America what it is. My first book, Ro

Looking Out the Window: Blog Award / Visit Sixteen Blogs

It's always an honor to have one's blog noticed by someone. I'd like to thank  Tracy Krauss at Tracy Krauss Expression Express  for giving mine an award. To visit her blog click on her blog's name or the picture. I'm presenting the award to the following blogs. To visit them, click on their names. Miss Mae Author of Romantic Mysteries Anne Patrick, Stories of Romance, Mayhem & Faith The Balanced Writer Laurean's Lore ReginaAndrew'sBlog JDP News E. A. West Writing Larry Hammersley Inspirational Writer Christian Regency  Linda Weaver Clarke Living The Body of Christ Romantic Reflections Life in an RV - The Roving Writer Infinite Characters To claim the award: 1. Thank the giver and link back to his or her site 2. Provide seven random facts about yourself 3. Pass the award to fifteen other blogs, let them know, and link to their sites 4. Copy the award logo and paste it on your site. Seven Random Facts about me . Hmm. Let me see.