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Looking Out the Window: Heroine Interview with Cammie O'Shea

MEET CAMMIE O'SHEA THE HEROINE OF LOVE TURNS THE TIDE Cammie, tell us a little about yourself: Previously a feature writer for a newspaper in Cedar Forks, Georgia, I've moved to Destin, Florida, to take a new job at The Sun Dial newspaper. I've also broken up with my fiance, the no-good louse, Jay Marias. Right now, I'm doing a lot of soul searching, trying to make sense of my situation and seeking peace through my faith. Oh dear, have you found anything interesting or fun in Destin? Unfortunately, I know no one here, but I'm looking forward to meeting new friends. I do walk on the beach, watch the sandpipers and sea gulls, and marvel at the sun casting its reddish, golden tints over the emerald green water. That's a start. What do you dread doing most? For my first assignment at The Sun Dial I have to write a big feature about Vic Deleona, Destin's most influential real estate developer. Every time I think I've finished his arti

Looking Out the Window: An Interview with Margaret Daley

AWARD WINNING AUTHOR MARGARET DALEY DISCUSSES THE FIRST BOOK IN HER HOME SCHOOL SERIES First, tell us a little about yourself. I am a retired teacher of special education. I’ve been writing for thirty years and have sold sixty-six books so far. I have a wonderful husband and one son who had four daughters. I am on the board for American Christian Fiction Writers, a group of 2000 plus Christian fiction writers. If you are interested in writing Christian fiction and don’t belong to ACFW, check it out at . It is a wonderful organization for support, networking and education. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? I struggled to learn to read, but around ten I began to read a lot more. I especially loved the Nancy Drew books. Why do you write? I write because I have to. I’ve tried to stop and I can’t. Writing is part of me. Tell us about your latest book. My latest book out is Love Lessons, Love Inspired, April 2010. It i