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Looking Out The Window: Julie Cosgrove Talks About Her Latest Book, Baby Bunco. Shares An Excerpt.

A Warm Welcome to Julie Cosgrove Hi Julie, tell us about Baby Bunco , your latest book. Janie Manson suspects a murder of a young woman at the convenience store across the highway and the abandoned newborn in a bathtub of a vacant garden home in Sunset Acres, her retirement community, are connected. Now to convince her son-in-law, Chief Detective Blake Johnson…as soon as he calms down over her breaking into the morgue, that is. This sounds like another Julie Cosgrove fun read. Here are a couple reviews for Baby Bunco: Cosgrove wove the story with such humor, I found myself laughing out loud at the antics these sleuths got themselves into as they went to great lengths to help in the investigation! Not only dishing out information with each other, but dishing up amazingly delicious comfort food...totally in character with the elderly. Christian Book Reviews Cosgrove does an excellent job of leaving a breadcrumb trail of clues that leads you in circ

Looking Out the Window: Second Chances, A Love Anthology Featuring Five Sweet Romances and a Rafflecopter Giveaway

A Warm Welcome to the Second Chances Authors E.A. West Pravina Maharaj Patricia Kiyono Kathy Bosman Leenna Naidoo Two Book Bundles will be given away. Enter the Rafflecopter drawing below to win! When a couple falls in love, sometimes their relationship doesn’t work out and they part ways. One day they may meet up again. The sparks fly. The hurtful memories rise to the surface. Is it possible for them to heal the rift between them and start all over again? Can they have a second chance at love? Or is it too late? Find out in this feel-good anthology of five unique, sweet romances. All proceeds go to charity: HIC Children's Home, Newcastle, South Africa. True love never dies, but can it overcome mistakes of the past? When Felicia Coronado’s soon-to-be ex-husband kidnaps her daughter on a remote mountain road, she must rely on the assistance of a group of soldiers in the area for a training exercise. She’s stunned to discover the soldier

Looking Out the Window: Behind the Scenes of Shoba Sadler's CHILD OF DUST

Today we'll sit down to chat with Shoba Sadler, author of the contemporary title Child of Dust. Shoba will take us behind the scenes of her unique new novel and give us a glimpse into her writing. Shoba, why did you choose to write this type of novel? Social status and cultural barriers makes for great conflict.  Child of Dust is like a modern-day classic of Romeo and Juliet only instead of opposing families, these lovers, Kim and Bryan have cultural and social barriers to contend with. Kim, the rich and spoilt socialite who loses her money is taken under the wing of her reluctant chauffeur, Bryan, who has his own struggles to deal with. They find love under the most unexpected circumstances. Can you tell us why you started with an Asian setting for your first two novels? I was founder of Agape Christian magazine in Malaysia. I also freelanced for the leading English, secular newspaper in Malaysia, The Star. My feature stories forThe Star were several page write-up

Looking Out the Window: Start Off The New Year With A New Release from American Christian Fiction Writers

January 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website . Contemporary Romance: Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley by Valerie Comer , Mary Jane Hathaway, Elizabeth Maddrey , Danica Favorite , Lee Tobin McClain and Annalisa Daughety -- Is love possible for a makeshift mom and a handsome widower? What about a bed and breakfast owner and the farmer next door? A curvy jilted bride and a mysterious, handsome chef? Then there's the real estate consultant and the grandson of her elderly client; a high-powered lawyer and a woman farmer, and a formerly engaged couple. Can love make a difference in their lives? Exploring food, friends, and family in Arcadia Valley, each of these novellas kicks off a three-book series, intertwined with the works of the other authors. This collection is only the beginning of your adventure! (Contemporary Romance, Independently Published) Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery -- Mitch, a c

Happy New Year!!

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS — CHOOSE KINDNESS Brief Moments Make Memories on the Heart Several weeks ago my husband and I visited one of our favorite restaurants. The petite, young waitress in a black skirt and matching blouse took our orders for turkey burgers and fries. As usual Mandy’s sparkling blue eyes and bubbly personality brightened our day. Not long after she served our food, a man with salt and pepper colored hair and a pudgy face plopped down in front of us. A gray-haired woman with tired brown eyes slid in next to him. Mandy strolled over and gave them her infectious smile. “Hi, how are you today?” “I want the steak.” The man spoke in a harsh tone. “Sure, which one would you like?” “Don’t put it in the microwave. That makes it tough. Do you understand?” He emphasized the word understand in a loud, condescending tone. “Yes sir.” Intimidation lined Mandy’s soft voice. “I want it medium rare with no blood oozing out of it. Cook it right.” “Ye