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Looking Out the Window: Lisa Lickel's Lenten Devotional

LISA LICKEL WRITES ABOUT G OOD WORKS GIVING UP SOMETHING AND GRACE Lisa's giving away a copy of her Barbour mystery, The Gold Standard Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with all your heart. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. --Joel 2:12-13 It's Lent, traditionally a time of mourning, of self-contemplation and self-deprivation. Most of the people in my circle don't pay it any more mind than Advent. My husband I moved about a year and a half ago to worship with a new congregation after spending our whole married lives with one body of believers. We are learning different ways of celebrating our Lord and Savior, and it is good. We are also able to share some of the meaningful traditions from our former congregation; one of which is to gather during this time as a smaller group. Come, let us return to the Lord; for it is he who has torn and he will he

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Regina Andrews

Hi Regina, First, tell us a little about yourself . Thank you so much for having me here today, Gail! I live in Providence, RI, and grew up in nearby Barrington. After graduating from Providence College I attended the University of Delaware, eventually earning my Master’s Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. Nature inspires me and my husband and I enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod. My hobbies include Travel, Museums, Theater, Classical Music, Choral Singing and Gardening. Also I am a radio host for In-Sight, an association dedicated to providing services to the visually impaired of all ages. What an interesting and rewarding life. Tell us about your latest book. My newest book is “Light of the Heart. This is Book One in the Sterling Lakes Series. The premise of the Sterling Lakes Series is how the renovation of the church in town leads to a rebirth of the entire town itself on many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually, to name a few. “Light of the

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Catherine West

INTERVIEW AND BOOK GIVEAWAY FOR CATHY'S DEBUT NOVEL Hi Catherine, first, tell us a little about yourself. Okay, here goes! I was born and raised on the island of Bermuda, where I still live with my hubby and two-college age kids, when they’re home. I went to school here and in England, and Canada, where I earned a BA in English from the University of Toronto. We also lived near Toronto for the first seven years of our marriage, which convinced me I’m not cut out for Canadian winters! I love dogs and gardening. I’m pretty shy around strangers, but I love meeting new people and traveling. Sounds like you got to live in some fascinating places growing up. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? Oh yes! I loved to read everything, mostly Enid Blyton when I was little, she is a British author who wrote fabulous children’s stories. My mom used to enjoy mysteries so as I got older I read a lot of those, and then we started reading Wilbur Smith. I started the

Looking Out the Window: The Peaceful Writing of Eileen Rife

DEVOTIONAL AND BOOK GIVEAWAY Excerpt from TRANQUIL MOMENTS, SPIRITUAL REFRESHMENT FROM the ISLAND OF MAUI by Eileen Rife Son Blockers “Make Your face to shine upon Your servant; Save me in Your loving kindness.” –Psalm 31:16 Sitting on the sand outside our motel in LaHaina, I apply more sunscreen, smoothing it over my arms and legs, covering every exposed area to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. I want the glorious benefits of the sun’s warmth and light, but I realize, in this marred world that too much exposure may come with a price: detriment to long-term health. Indeed, the tainted earth and heavens groan with longing for their redemption, freedom from the effects of sin, just as I long for release from this imperfect body in which I dwell. A curse fell on the world like a wet blanket, snuffing out the laughter and joy at God’s creation party. And so we both wait—creation and I—for the final, freeing touch of the Son’s hand. In the meantime, I want nothing to block Him