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Looking Out the Window: Jennifer Slattery Tells Us about Her New Book, When Dawn Breaks, and Discusses Valentine's Gifts. Gives Away a Book.

  A Warm Welcome to Jennifer Slattery Jennifer will give away a print copy of When Dawn Breaks. To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below. Jennifer's Shares Her Thoughts on Valentine's Gifts February is coming. You know what that means, right? Husbands across the nation stressing and conniving as they try to find that perfect Valentine’s gift. The media doesn’t help, with jewelry commercials depicting Mr. Sensitive surprising his love with a very expensive ring. The kind I’ve lost. On numerous occasions. Once it was almost shipped to Japan. It isn’t that I don’t find the ring, or any other gift my husband gives me, special. I do. I cherish that glimmering band, but not because of the rock. Rather, I cherish the marriage it represents. And all the memories that encompasses. Some of my favorites are the simplest. I find it a bit surprising that most of my memories, in fact, involve he and I walking hand-in-hand, talking. About everything and abs

Looking Out the Window: Stephanie Prichard Talks about Stranded, an Action Adventure Story. She Gives Away an E-Book and Shares a Devotional

  A Warm Welcome to Stephanie Prichard   Stephanie and Don will give away an e-book of Stranded . To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below.   Stephanie shares a unique devotional about the fragrance of Christ. First Humiliation My first incident of total humiliation happened when I was age eight. My older brother hadn’t descended into the pit of adolescence yet, so we were friends. He not only acknowledged me as his sister, but he looked out for me. The window of our camaraderie occurred in the two-year time frame of the early fifties when our family lived in Japan.   Dad was stationed at the army base in Yokohama, where we lived on post. Our favorite play spot was a giant hill not far from our backyard. A pleasant walk through a lightly wooded area added to the fun of getting to “Little Mount Fuji,” as we fondly called our hill. After an afternoon of playing there, my brother and I headed home for dinner. I trudged behind him through the wo

Looking Out the Window: Connie Almony Talks about Her New Book, One Among Men, and Discusses Psalm 77:3

A Warm Welcome to Connie Almony   Connie will give away an e-book of One Among Men. To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below. I remembered You, O God and I groaned (Psalm 77:3, NIV) From Connie: This is the favorite verse of the main character, Samantha Hart, in my latest novel, One Among Men . She got this verse from me. It was my first favorite and the very first I’d ever memorized when I began studying the Good Book in my late twenties. You may wonder why someone would love a verse about groaning at the memory of God. Isn’t that memory something we should sing about instead? Well, yes, but the idea I needed to be reminded of Him is most definitely groan worthy. And yet there was an author, like me, charged with penning the actual Words of God, who needed to do the same. That gave me hope. Hope that after having forgotten about Him for too many years, I could also be used by Him to do great things. Samantha Hart feels the same. You see, s

Looking Out the Window: Robert Graves Shares an Autobiographical Article and Talks about His New Book, The Poet as Prophet. Gives Away a Copy

A warm welcome to Robert Graves. Robert will give away a print copy of The Poet as Prophet, Wanderer, and Pilgrim in Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below. THE WINGS OF THE WIND By Robert W. Graves The prefabricated, one-story apartment buildings were laid out like Quonset huts. Evidently, they were built quickly and cheaply for employees of the Bell Bomber plant in Marietta, Georgia, which assembled airplanes for World War II. We lived on Wings Avenue. The militaristic names of the streets wouldn’t register with me for many years to come:  Patton Circle, Victory Drive, Aviation Road, Wings Avenue—a leader, the goal, the means, and an individual component. But the war was fourteen years past, and the Bell Bomber plant had been renamed Lockheed. The apartments, well, they became part of America’s public housing effort. Many still housed the employees of the plant, usually young blue-collar workers. By

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

Thanks to Paula Mowery for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Here are the rules: 1. Thank the one who nominated you. 2. Put up the award. 3. Answer the questions you have been sent. 4. Make up ten new questions for nominees to answer. Here are my questions and answers. 1. What is something you would count as a “success” from this past year? In writing, getting out a revised edition of my book, Stopped Cold ; writing and publishing the novella, Mountain of Love and Danger , fifth in a series with four other authors; having a new novel, Barely above Water , accepted by Prism Book Group and signing a contract with Prism Book Group to write a novella for their new series about love. 2. Who has had the biggest influence on your life ? My mother, who prayed with me, read Bible stories and literature to me, listened to me, offered guidance and supported me. 3. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Make sure everything’s r