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Looking Out The Window: Eileen Rife Talks About Her New Children's Book, Kenzie And The Spooky House Adventure, Shares An Authentic Indian Tea Recipe And Gives Away An E-Book

A Warm Welcome to Eileen Rife Eileen shares a recipe for authentic Indian Chai and a Bible verse and gives away an e-Book. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below. A Favorite Indian Recipe Enjoyed by My Character, Kenzie (I like it, too!) In Book one of my fictional missionary kid series, protag Kenzie lives with her family in India. Every afternoon around 4:00, Kenzie and her family enjoy tea and usually some kind of pastry or cake, all in good British fashion. She’d learned from her studies that the Brits ruled India as far back as the 1700s. India eventually gained its independence in 1948 but retained the custom of afternoon tea. The Indians add milk, sugar, and spices to their black tea, thus creating what they call chai. Various recipes abound for this drink, also now popular in the States. I’ve enjoyed chai on several occasions while visiting India, and whenever my missionary kids visit us in the States, they whip up a batch. The aroma alone is ca

Looking Out The Window: Donna Schlachter Talks About Her New Book In The Pony Express Romance Collection. Gives Away A Print Copy (U.S.)

A Warm Welcome to Donna Schlachter Donna will give away a print copy of The Pony Express Romance Collection (U.S. Residents Only). To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below. Hi Donna, first, tell us a little about yourself. I am a Canadian by birth, an American by choice, and I consider myself more patriotic and more thankful for this country than many who were born here. When I was little, I would look at the map of North America, and wonder why my ancestors didn’t stay on the boat for another few months. Then again, when my ancestors came to Canada, there was no America. I am an accountant by training, and tend to be very linear. For that reason, although I’ve always wanted to take painting lessons, I’ve never tried because I’m sure I could paint cubes but not much else. Lots of writers loved to read as children. How about you? If so, what did you read? I was an avid reader. I once was so engrossed in a book I was reading on the school bus, I comple

Looking Out The Window: Lillian Duncan Talks About Puzzle House, Her New Book. Shares A Link To Enter Her Giveaway

A Warm Welcome to Lillian Duncan  To celebrate the release of Puzzle House, Lillian’s having a very special giveaway on her blog, Tiaras & Tennis Shoes . Leave a comment on one of her Puzzle House posts and you’re entered to win. Hi Lillian, tell us a little about yourself. My husband and I live in a small town in Ohio. I mean small—we only have 1 traffic light. I grew up in the area, but moved to the big city of Cleveland for many years. Like Dorothy, I love being home again. What is your favorite genre to read? To write?  Mostly I read and write Christian mystery and suspense with a little horror thrown in. Puzzle House is a complete departure from what I usually write. I would simply classify it as Christian Fiction, like the book War Room. Tell us about Puzzle House.  I call it the book I never wanted to write! Really? Can you explain that? Early on in the story, the main character (Rachel Summers) discovers she has brain tumors due to a genetic cond

Looking Out The Window: Catherine Castle Talks About Her New Romantic Comedy, A Groom For Mama

A Warm Welcome to Catherine Castle Hi Catherine, Thanks for sharing a sweet devotional! When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Pie photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons We’ve all experienced it—that thing or things that bring us down. Maybe it’s a health problem, the loss of a loved one, a broken heart, or disappointment at work or home. Whatever life-lemons you are handed it can be very hard to see the sweeter side of the problem. There’s a lovely elderly lady in our church who has dementia. She’s at the stage where she knows she’s not remembering things. She can’t cook anymore because she can’t remember whether or not she’s added an ingredient, and most of the time she can’t remember the recipes she once knew by heart. We often eat supper with her after church and she sometimes can’t remember what she ordered. The ladies at the table watch out for her to make sure she gets the right drink and meal. Dementia is one of the scariest diseases I know, yet Laurie (name

Looking Out The Window: American Christian Fiction Writers October New Releases

More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website . Contemporary Romance: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner -- Becoming a Christian is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Sarah Hollenbeck. Best because, well, that's obvious. Worst because, up to this point, she's made her very comfortable living as a well-known, bestselling author of steamy romance novels that would leave the members of her new church blushing. Now Sarah is trying to reconcile her past with the future she's chosen. She's still under contract with her publisher and on the hook with her enormous fan base for the kind of book she's not sure she can write anymore. She's beginning to think that the church might frown on her tithing on royalties from a "scandalous" book. And the fact that she's falling in love with her pastor doesn't make things any easier. (Contemporary Romance from Rev