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Looking In The Window: Big Book Sale, Strawberry Brownies And A Giant-Sized Lemon

Summer's here. These are the days of good books and lemonade.  I'm sending a virtual giant-sized lemon grown on my friend's farm in Florida, but the Strawberry Brownie recipe below and the .99 book sale are real for a limited time. About the Books Stopped Cold, a young adult mystery, is a great summer read or back-to-school gift. A Grace Awards Finalist, Stopped Cold finished 4th in the 16th Annual Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.(It's for young-at-heart adults too.) Flirting, swimming, fun with friends, it all changed when Margaret's brother, Sean, suffered a stroke. Readers say: Pallotta has written a truly inspirational book about how a family grows and comes closer together after a traumatic experience. (GABixler Reviews) Follow Margaret's journey to discover the depth of true character and faith not only in school and friends, but family. (Lisa Lickel) Buy on  Amazon - Kindle copy .99 Buy on Barnes and Noble - Nook copy

Looking Out The Window: Lisa Lickel Tells Us About Mau Cats, The Pets In Her Fancy Cat Series. She Also Shares An Excerpt And Has A Giveaway

A Warm Welcome to Lisa Lickel Lisa will give away either an e-Book or a print copy of Meow Matrimony , winner's choice. (U.S. residents only for print.) To enter to win leave a comment and an email address. Fancy Cats Psalm 104:24: How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. Lisa tells us how she decided to write about cats and gives us a little information on Mau cats. I grew up with cats. I’ve loved them my whole life. Then I married a man who had dander allergies and didn’t want them in the house. I learned to love them vicariously. When I wrote my first mystery series, the Buried Treasure books, the heroine naturally had a cat. I focused on the names of the cats back then, gleefully choosing cats a history nerd teacher might like. Carranza was a hard-bitten male, a bruiser who had definitive likes and vociferous dislikes, but his heart was pure gold and he parented better than any stray mom. H

Looking Out The Window: Linda Weaver Clarke Talks Her New Book, Angel's Serenade, And Shares A Link To Her Giveaway.

A Warm Welcome to Linda Weaver Clarke Stop by Linda's Release Day Celebration  here  and enter her giveaway. Hi Linda, first, tell us a little about yourself. I was raised among the Rocky Mountains of southern Idaho and now live among the red hills of southern Utah. I am the author of Historical Romance, Mystery Suspense, Cozy Mysteries, Swashbuckling/Adventure Romance, a Children’s Book, and Nonfiction. I teach a class about writing your family history and publishing it for your family, which is free to the public. I am also a missionary at the Family Search Center where I help people find their ancestors and learn about their heritage. To learn more, visit my  Website. Tell us about your latest book. Angel’s Serenade is a Historical Mystery Romance set in 1836 in the United States. In this story, Emmeline Scott is raising her sister’s two children and is surprised when she finds out the new doctor in town is helping her nephew adapt to his surroundings. As

Looking Out The Window: Larry Hammersley Talks About His Book, The Forever Bond, Tears and Making Bread. Gives Away An Ebook.

A Warm Welcome to Larry Hammersley Larry will give away an e-Book of The Forever Bond . To enter to win leave a comment and an email address below. Tears/Weeping Includes favorite verse of Psalms 56:8 Name some reasons for weeping.  Tears are shed at funerals, weddings, pain, anger, happiness, fit throwing, loved ones leaving, for those who are sick and suffering. Tears not due to emotions are cold wind, dust storms, onions, tear gas. Is weeping just for women and children?  Is it okay for men to weep?  Ecclesiastes 3:4 says there’s a time to weep.  That’s not gender specific.  In Romans 12:15 everyone is included.  Job describes his face as foul with weeping. Both the New and Old Testaments include examples of men and women who wept.  In the Old Testament we have women such as Hannah, Hagar, Ruth, Orpah, Naomi and Samson’s wife.  Men include Jeremiah who described his tears as a fountain and a river, David on several occasions as recorded in his psalms and 2 Samu

Celebrating America's Freedom

American Summer Sunday-Go-To-Meeting in soft, cotton dresses, and open-collared shirts. Picnic on the grounds, after church. Wooden tables filled with ripe, red tomatoes, golden corn, garden green beans, and sprigs of mint for tea. Evening walks down a dusty, country road. Neighbors calling, "Come sit a spell; take off a load." Thoughtful moments all alone, chewing on a grassy blade sitting 'neath the tall oak's shade. Flags flying, watermelons cooling, folks sitting on Dresden Plate and Log Cabin quilts. Fireworks tonight!  God Bless America! From Messages: Poems and Short Stories to Live By on Amazon There are so many things I love about America, I can't cover them all here, but I'll name a few. Freedom of religion The American Dream Americans Who Take Pride In Their Work America's Military... What do you love about America and want to preserve for posterity?

American Christian Fiction Writers July New Releases

More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website . Contemporary Romance: Hometown Hope by Laurel Blount -- In the three years since her mother’s death, widower Hoyt Bradley’s daughter, Jess, hasn’t spoken—until she suddenly begs him to save her favorite bookstore from closing. Hoyt is desperate to hear his daughter’s voice again, but he and the bookstore’s pretty owner, Anna Delaney, share a less-than-friendly past. Working together is complicated enough…but can they avoid falling in love? (Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired [Harlequin]) A Heart Surrendered by Joy K. Massenburge -- Since her teens, pastor’s daughter Sharonda Peterson devoted her life to church service and solitude after the one night she gave Carl Ray Everhart everything. Sobered by a near-death experience, prodigal Carl returns home from an acting and singing career to serve as the worship leader at Sheronda’s church, and she finds that it takes