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Looking Out the Window: Lillian Duncan Shares an Inspirational Devotional about the Dark Alleys of our Lives and Talks about Her New Book, Dark Alleys

Lillian will give away an e-book. To enter to win leave a comment and your email address. FINDING YOUR WAY OUT OF A DARK ALLEY James 4: 8 Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you. We humans are not necessarily the smartest of God’s creations even though we think we are! We seem to go out of our way to hurt ourselves in so many different creative ways. At one time or another most of us end up in a dark alley of our own making through our own bad choices and actions. And sometimes other people put us in those alleys or at least lead the way. It always seems so dark and so lonely there, but God never abandons us—it only feels that way sometimes. And that’s what I want readers to take away after reading DARK ALLEYS . No matter what we’ve done, God never stops loving us. He is always there waiting for us to ask for His help. In James 4: 8 it says, Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you." To me that means, God is always there waiting for us to come to HIM

Looking Out the Window: Jude Urbanski Talks about Nurtured in Purple. Gives Away an E-book and Shares Grandma Glady's Fudge Recipe

Jude Urbanski's Favorites Jude shares her favorite recipe. Yum. The fudge sounds delicious. She also shares an inspirational story with her favorite Bible Verse. She talks about her new book, Nurtured in Purple , and gives away an e-book. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address. Nourish the Body Below:  Grandma Glady who is so well loved!                         Grandma’s Fudge Family tradition has it that every Christmas and, occasionally in between, we make Grandma Glady’s fudge. Her mother probably taught her the secret recipe. Grandma Glady also bequeathed us the Christmas Coffee Cake recipe, but today you’ll make friends with the fudge of your life. This fudge is not even chocolate; it is caramel fudge, but family members call it Karo Fudge. Karo, now, doesn’t sound too appealing, but caramel—well, caramel brings out my addictive behaviors and I’ve been known to become sick from too much caramel fudge. When made to perfection, this is the cre

Looking Out the Window: Kathryn Bain Talks About Catch Your Breath. An unmarried, pregnant woman searches her way back to God, but a killer might do her in.

Kathryn will give away a free e-book. To enter to win leave a comment and an email address. Welcome Kathryn. Tell us a little about yourself. There’s not a lot to tell. I pay my bills by working as a paralegal. I’m also a mother of two grown daughters. Of course, there’s also my baby, Gretchen. She’s my dog. Half German Sheppard, half Greyhound. Lots of writers also like to read. How about you? Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what did you read? I read a lot as a kid. Mostly mysteries. The Hardy Boys were my favorites. So many people, myself included, read The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Often readers ask writers why they write. Why do you write? If I didn’t the voices in my head would attack me. LOL. I think lots of writers know that feeling. Tell us about your latest book. Catch Your Breath is my latest release. My heroine is a pregnant, unmarried woman who is trying to find her way back to God. Too bad a killer might do her in before she gets the chance.