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Looking Out the Window: Cynthia Hickey Shares Her Modern-Day Miracle with Us, Talks about Her New Book, An Unconventional Lady and Gives Away a Copy.

A Warm Welcome to Best-selling, award winning author Cynthia Hickey           Cynthia will give away a copy of An Unconventional Lady.  To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below.  Modern Day Miracle   I accepted Jesus as my savior at a country church revival when I was thirteen. Myself, my father and my two sisters walked the aisle of that small country church. Not too long after that, we joined hands with others in the middle of a small pond in a green pasture and were baptized.  I tried to do everything that was expected of a good Christian teenager. I went to church, alone if I had to. Attended churches of all denominations—trying to find the perfect one for me. I even took Bible Study courses through the mail. I was doing it all and was very proud of myself. Right out of High School I got married and moved across country with my young husband who had joined the Air Force. Two years later we had a daughter and thought life wa


    Happy Mother's Day!