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Looking Out the Window: Meet Love Inspired Author Mary Moore

Love Inspired author Mary Moore talks about her new historical book,   The Aristocrat's Lady. She'll be giving away a copy. To enter  to win leave a comment and your email address. Welcome, Mary. First, tell us a little about yourself. I’m 54 years old and my husband, Craig, and I have been married for 27 years. We both grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, but 8 years ago we felt the Lord’s leading to move to our retirement property in southwest Virginia. I think we’re finally getting over the culture shock! I’m glad you’re settling into your Virginia home. It’s always interesting to know what writers like to read. Were you an avid reader as a child? What did you read? Yes, I’ve always loved to read. I confess I prefer fiction, but I do like biographies as well. I’m a Regency fanatic, and my favorite read has always been Georgette Heyer. I was aware of her even before Jane Austen, but my love for the era certainly took me to Austen as well as the Bronte sisters, Eli

Looking Out the Window: Writers and Readers Promoting Christian Authors

Happy Anniversary, Clash of the Titles! It's been almost a year since COTT opened its voting-booth doors and invited everyone in. Over the past twelve months, readers have chosen 25 Clash winners and received 48 free books . And along the way, a family formed. That family consists of the voters, authors, staff, and the 25+ blogs who have banded together in mutual support with COTT. This is cause for major celebration ! So COTT is doing it up to the nines. Clash of the Titles' first annual Tournament of Champions begins next month! Over the course of four weeks, past winners from the previous year will compete in a series of clashes for the ultimate prize: the Laurel Award . The Laurel, COTT's most prestigious honor, is awarded by public vote to a single author among the year's champions. Voters are expected to turn out in droves to support their favorites and participate in games just for readers . Each week, COTT sponsors—consisting of various authors and st

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Staci Stallings

        In her wonderful devotional Staci Stallings Shows Us How We Could Be Like the Children in her Sunday School Class.  Hiding the Obvious Kids are fascinating. If you watch them, they will teach you very profound lessons about life and yourself. A couple weeks ago in Sunday School, we did the infamous puzzle day. On that day we are talking about the Holy Spirit and how, if you let Him, the Holy Spirit can put your life together in such a way as to make it fit perfectly--not just for you but for everyone else too. I have this puzzle that's the picture of Jesus hugging the person who's just come to Heaven. In the sky is a rainbow representing the Father. Also above Jesus' head is a dove. The puzzle is like 560 pieces. Since I'm not good with puzzles and we have to put the thing together with 40 different kids in about 30 minutes, I have put nine pieces in each of 63 bags and numbered them. The idea is that each kid gets a "day's" worth of pieces--n

Looking Out the Window: Welcome Inspirational Historical Romance Writer Penny Zeller

Penny will be giving away a copy of her latest book, Hailee. To enter to win a copy leave a comment and your email address. Hi Penny, welcome. First, tell us a little about yourself . Hi Gail! Thank you for hosting me on your blog. It’s great to be here! I am a wife, mom, and author of several books and numerous magazine articles. I also write a humor blog “A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author” ( I am an active volunteer in my community, serving as a women’s Bible study small-group leader and co-organizing a women’s prayer group. My passion is to use the gift of the written word to glorify God and to benefit His Kingdom. I devote my time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with God. However, all that being said, my greatest ministry is to, with my husband Lon, raise our two daughters for Christ. When I’m not dreaming up new characters for books, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and camping, h

Looking Out the Window: Announcing a Faith-Based Facebook Page

OPENING TODAY - LIVING BY GRACE When Facebook first launched, articles saturated the web warning us of the dangers of internet relationships. Would society become more isolated? More selfish? Shallower? Would having a computer to hide behind teach us to create barriers or could the safe and constant access to others actually have a positive effect? Like most tools, the values of social networking depends on the user, but for me, a writer who spends countless hours each day shut inside my office, Facebook has provided a much needed window to the outside world. It’s allowed me to stay in contact with distant friends and has deepened many relationships I hold dear. Facebook has become a wonderful, vibrant, interactive community. What better place to launch a Christ-centered devo-group? Follow the link below:   ABOUT LIVING BY GRACE Living by Grace is a Facebook faith community where believers, seekers, and inquiring minds