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Looking Out the Window: Crisp Air, a Dry Leaf on My Deck, and Football in the Den

Football is on television tonight. Once right after we married my husband, Rick, turned on the T V at 2:00 a.m., to watch two high school teams I’d never heard of. I’m not sure everyone is that huge of a fan, but college games bring out fierce loyalties among their alumnae, and followers of professional football will often travel hundreds of miles to support their favorite teams. During the first five years of our marriage we had season tickets to a college team on Saturday and a professional team on Sunday. I grew to appreciate the skilled players and the execution of well designed plays. I still abhor those who must commit a flagrant foul with the intent of injuring a talented player to gain an advantage. But, desperate behavior shows up in all walks of life. In many ways a football game with its set-backs, momentary glories and determined players resembles a snip-it of life. Possibly, that’s what fuels the sadness over a loss and the ecstasy of a win. When our team wins, we feel t