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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Looking Out the Window: Elaine Stock Talks About Her New Book, Always With You. Gives Away an e-Book

A Warm Welcome to Elaine Stock

Elaine will give away an e-Book of Always With You. To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below.

Hi Elaine, first, tell us a little about yourself.

Born and raised until I was fifteen in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve been living the majority of my life in upstate NY. First my family moved to the northern suburbs of the city, then I met my future husband at Albany State, further upstate, and we’ve been in the Capital District ever since. I grew up in the pre-historic era before computers or cell phones, enjoyed a black and white TV, and played outdoors with the neighbor kids. I believe all this fostered my imagination to create stories. Writing, truthfully, was also my way of coping with a very troubled family life.

Lots of writers loved to read as children. Did you? If so, what did you read?

As emotionally unstable as my mother was, she devoured novels and always had a book in her hand. She made a delightful fuss over me upon getting my first library card, as well as always took my brother and I to the library. So, yes, I loved to read… from billboards as we drove past to advertisements on public buses or museum signs to lots and lots of books. My penchant back then and pretty much now was/is suspense, on all levels.

I enjoy suspense also. Let's talk about your writing. What do you write?

I write what I call family drama fused with psychological suspense. However, I’ve begun my first time-slip novel based loosely on a few mysteries of my own family’s past.

How do you get to know your characters?

Pretty much the same way as my plots unfold: I let the kernel of a story swirl around and incubate in my mind for a while. I then play around with whatever words tap out of my fingers onto the keyboard. Research. Write. Research. Write. Write. Write. Edit. Edit. Edit. I’m a major seat of the pants writer and love the feel of both the characters and the story unfolding as I go along. Every time in the past when I’ve attempted to plot on paper or outline my story died.

What themes do you write about?

I enjoy writing about family and love, exploring how an unsteady family or couple can become stronger and solid. In writing with a slant toward Christian fiction I cannot escape the fact that I believe God’s hands are directly in control of us—if we open our eyes to His glory.

What is your writing schedule and where do you write?

Although I work 4 days a week, having a 3 day weekend, those work days begin with a wakeup time of 3 am and pure physical stand-on-my-feet labor until 1 pm. Throw in commuting time and running errands since I live out in a rural area, by the time I arrive home I’m often beat. That’s why my fantasy goal is to sooner than later “retire” from the day job and write full time. However, now that my first novel has made its debut release this past January I try my best to work on my writing whenever I can. Due to neck problems it’s better for me to work on a laptop on the couch, which is nice in the wintertime because I’m inches away from the woodstove!

Does your faith affect your writing? If so, how?

When I started to write in hopes of publication it was for the ABA-general market. It never made it. True, those were my earlier years of learning the writing craft and I had plenty to learn. Still do! However, it wasn’t until I dedicated my writing to God, matching my heart, that I started to see changes, getting closer and closer until I received a contract. My faith impacts my whole life and I’m unsure how I can separate it from my writing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Listen to the advice of others, but definitely become attuned to what works best for you, and when. Believe in yourself even if others don’t. Keep submitting and entering contests despite the lack of contracts offered or not winning the contest, however, seek to improve your writing each time. And my biggest advice: accept the fact that you always, always have something more to learn each and every day, whether it is honing your writing craft, taking risks, promotion, or eating humble pie.

What would you be doing if you weren’t writing?

I’m very grateful to have a first novel out and have hope in future releases. I’m at the age that I don’t want another line of work. I can look back and imagine if things were different what I might have ventured into, but can’t we all?

What is the coolest, wackiest, most risk-taking thing you’ve ever done?

Continuing with what I said in response to the above question, the most risk-taking thing I’ve ever done is believing in my writing (though it took me many years to first become published). This means, unlike many others, I have not chased after a high-paying job and put my writing second. This means, I admit, struggling and juggling lots. But it also means trusting God. All the time. Every second.

About Always With You

Can she move forward without knowing her past?

Will he enjoy his present if he can’t free himself from what he left behind?

In the heart of the Adirondacks, Isabelle lives in the shadow of a dark family secret whose silent burden strips her family of emotional warmth and faith in God. Tyler belongs to the religious sect called The Faithful, which Isabelle’s father dislikes immensely. Yet, because Tyler belongs to this group, Isabelle sees only a man devoted to his family and faith.

She wants it; she gets it; they marry.

And when the truth comes out, Isabelle faces two choices: Staying could endanger her child.
Leaving could cost her life.

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Author Bio:
Elaine Stock is the author of Always With You, which released in January 2016 and has made the Kindle bestseller list. Her novels fuse family drama and psychological suspense. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and contributes to the international “Happy Sis Magazine.” In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, she hangs out on her active blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging all readers through the power of story and hope.

Connect with Elaine on her

Website/blog Everyone' Story


Lisa Lickel said...

I love that, the wackiest thing was believe in your writing. It was worth the wait...good story!

Elaine Stock said...

Lisa, thanks so much for the smile! This was the best thing I've heard all day!

Elaine Stock said...

Gail, thanks so much for hosting me this week... a true blessings. You've done a lovely job with the feature and I appreciate it.

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Elaine, It's my pleasure to have you!

Elaine Stock said...

Thanks, Gail. It's an honor, let alone exciting being here.

Sonja said...

I loved to read as a child too! I went to the little tiny library in our town every week. And I still love to read! I enjoyed the interview!

Elaine Stock said...

Hi, Sonja. So glad you enjoyed the interview--Gail did such a lovely job. Your comment brought to mind weekly library and book mobile visits for me, as well as boo fairs in school (I don't hear about those these days) and of course the thrill of ordering books from Scholastic at school. My childhood hinged around books and I'm so grateful it did.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Elaine Stock said...

LOL... it's a good thing we don't hear about "boo" fairs these days! Supposed to be book fairs.

Gail Pallotta said...

One might have a Boo Fair at Halloween. LOL Could be a new trend.

Elaine Stock said...

Cute, Gail :)

Laura Conner Kestner said...

I enjoyed this post, Elaine! I've visited your blog (and enjoy it always) but I really didn't know much about your own personal journey. Congratulations on the publication of your first book! I knew you'd published one, but I didn't realize it happened this year. I hope 2017 is wonderful for you, too! No need to enter me in the drawing, I've downloaded "Always With You" and added it to my TBR list. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sonnetta Jones said...

I always love to be reminded that God is in control.

I think we have to understand our past and its place before we can move forward.


Elaine Stock said...

Waving fondly, Laura!! Thanks for extending my Thanksgiving by both your interest in me as an author, and for picking up a copy of Always With You. I hope Isabelle and Tyler's story blesses you. Let me know what you think.

Elaine Stock said...

Sonetta... what a lovely name! I appreciate your visit to Gail's awesome blog. Moving forward is definitely scary, and that's why I am grateful He has me in His grip. Blessings.

Elaine Stock said...

Sonnetta, my sincere apologies for misspelling your beautiful name.

Sonnetta Jones said...

I didn't even notice. It is okay.

Patricia Bradley said...

I love learning more about you--and why did I picture you in Pennsylvania?? That's too funny. And I'm so glad your mother encouraged your reading. As for book fairs, we still have them here in Mississippi. :-) Love your book!

Elaine Stock said...

Pat, you didn't notice my Brooklyn accent at Nashville? Yay!! LOL. I've been wanting to look into attending book fairs, now from an author's side of the table. Hmm.

So glad you visited!!