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Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking Out the Window: Deborah Malone Talks about Death in Dahlonega and her Writing Journey

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Gail, first let me thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. I like that you are doing something different. Now I just have to think of what I’m going to write. I guess I should start at the beginning. I’ve always loved to read. I think I came out of the womb reading. I remember going to the library at school and how I loved to look and smell – yes that is smell- the books.
     When I got a little older and started going to the big library downtown I thought I’d died and going to book heaven. I think I read every mystery they had. My love of books has not diminished over time. When I was about eleven or twelve, I remember thinking ‘oh I can write a book’ I did write about three or four pages, but never finished. I’ve learned it’s a little harder than it looks. LOL
     Although I continued my reading in adulthood I didn’t try my hand at writing until much later. I wrote some short stories and poems, but not anything serious. Then around 2001 I went to eat at a restaurant that was housed in a beautiful old building. I suggested to my friend someone should write about it. He said “Why don’t you?” And I did. That was the beginning of my writing for “Georgia Backroads” a historical magazine devoted to Georgia history.
     Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to write a cozy mystery. I finished the manuscript in about a year, but then set it aside to take care of my dad and my daughter that is disabled. In the meantime I learned about “Christian fiction” and ACFW. I knew that was how I wanted to write my book. I rewrote the manuscript and then started on the editing. I had a lot to learn and it took me several years to get it to the point of publication.
     I submitted it to small publishing houses and Lamp Post Publishing offered me a contract. I was ecstatic. There was still about six months of editing and work before the final product was ready to put on the market. “Death in Dahlonega” was officially published in October of 2011.
     My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride since then. There are many high points, but one thing I didn’t expect was how exposed I would feel. A writer puts so much of their heart and soul in a book and then sends it out into the world to be read and reviewed. It is kinda like giving birth – and sending your baby out into the big, bad world. It is nice to see all the hard work and all the times I’ve wanted to give up, but didn’t, have paid off.
Here’s a little about Trixe and Dee Dee’s adventure in “Death in Dahlonega.”
       Trixie Montgomery has gone through a rough divorce. She has moved back to her home town of Vans Valley, Georgia where she moved in next door to her mother and great-aunt Nana. Trixie goes to work to supplement her income. She writes for “Georgia by the Way” a historical magazine. Her best friend Dee Dee accompanies her on a trip to Dahlonega, Georgia where Trixie is working on an article about Gold Rush Days – an arts and crafts festival. They are watching a film on the actual gold rush days when Dee Dee excuses herself to go tinkle. While she’s gone she decides to snoop around and she stumbles upon a dead body. Not thinking she automatically pulls out the pickaxe and is found holding the bloody murder weapon. The victim, John Tatum, happens to be a man that Dee Dee had a run in with earlier that day. She rises to the top of the suspects list and when the town sheriff doesn’t seem to be looking for anyone else, Trixie decides to help her best friend. Together they must find the real killer to keep Dee Dee out of the slammer!
     This is a short, easy read and I hope it will be something my readers can sit down and read for pure enjoyment after a hard, stressful day. I hope Trixie, Dee Dee and Nana’s antics will give you a laugh out loud moment.
     Please visit me at my website or my blog I would love to hear from you. “Death in Dahlonega” is available at, Barnes and Noble and Lamp Post Publishing.


Miss Mae said...

That sounds wonderful, Deborah! I've visited Dahlonega's museum, and setting a murder mystery in that town is fantastic!

Wishing you much success on your writing career!

Danielle Thorne said...

Congrats on your new release. I've visited Dahlonega and it's a perfect setting for a mystery.

Cheryl said...

Saw the Dahlonega and wanted to check outthe GA setting.

Gina said...

Very nice post. Deborah, your book sounds wonderful, I can't wait to read it. Best of luck with your writing.

Gail, your blog is just lovely.

Hugs and blessings to both of you!

Deborah M said...

I'm so glad to see you've stopped by to find out more about "Death in Dahlonega." When I first decided on the setting and the title I chose them because it is a favorite place of mine. I wasn't thinking about marketing, but it has been an eye-catcher. So many people in and around Georgia have visited Dahlonega. It's been fun to hear about all those who have visited and want to read the book. There are many scenes in the book that will be familiar to those who have visited there. Thank you all for your support.

cbalmony said...

Sounds like a fun read!

Jo said...

This sounds like such a great read and one that I am really wanting to read. Thank you for the opportunity.


Janice said...

I loved reading about your background, Deborah, and how you use to smell the books! Your story does sound like a fun, fast read. There's much to love about Dahlonega, and I am sure your book is another thing to add to the likes! Blessings, Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

darbyscloset said...

Oh this sounds like a great funny read! I can't wait to sit down with it and dive right in to the mystery!!!!
Thanks for writing and thanks for sharing!

reluvbe said...

Sounds like a great, fun read!

Rick Estep
Librarybooks at religious dot com

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

I was impressed that you began writing after you wrote “Georgia Backroads”. It sort of inspired you to continue writing. That is so great. That happened to me, also. I hope you have many sales, Deborah.

Deborah M said...

It's wonderful to see some familiar faces and some new faces. Thank you for stopping by.

Jennifer said...

Hi Deborah,
Another insightful interview! Glad to hear your part of a new sleuth's blog. Super cool!

tomynate said...

I'm nearly finished reading this book and it's a hoot.


Tom Blubaugh, Author
Night of the Cossack

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

excellent! to meet the author and hear how this book came to be... thank you!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

thanks for offering this opp for another well written mystery!
and thanks Deborah for sharing your gift of writing with us...
thankyou Gail for hosting us!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

sorry, forget the address when we have to leave it with our comments [and it is at my blog] so you won't lose me :) faithhopecherrytea*at*gmail*dot*com