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Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking Out the Window: Read About June Foster's Blog Tour. Win Prizes and Learn About June's New Book, As We Forgive.

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Hi. Welcome, June. First, tell us a little about yourself.
I am a retired teacher with a BA in Education and MA in Counseling. I'm the mother of two and grandmother of 10. I began writing in January 2010 the same month my husband and I began our adventure in our RV. We now live and travel full time. My sweet resourceful husband took out the couch and replaced it with a writing desk and two file cabinets.

Neat. Tell us about your latest book.
As We Forgive is book #2 in the Bellewood Series set in Washington state. Tim Garrett is a youth pastor with aspirations of becoming a pastoral counselor. He has a difficult assignment - working with rebellious teens who won't let up. Since he deals with his own personal anger issues, it's an explosive situation. Roxanne Ratner doesn't trust men any more than she trust her father who walked out on her and her mother. When Tim and Roxanne fall in love, sparks fly, but not in the right direction.

What inspired you to write this particular book? I've known people who've dealt with anger issues in their lives because they survived dysfunctional childhoods. I wanted to show that people can find victory when they allow God and His infinite mercy to work in their situations.

That sounds like an inspirational story. Where do you get ideas for your books?
I think of issues that people I've known struggle with and place characters in the worse possible situation to provoke the problem. Then I allow God to help them find their way out.

In three words describe your style of writing.
Simplistic, dramatic, redemptive

How do you get to know your characters?
Sometimes I take on-line personality tests, but from the stand point of the character I've envisioned. Generally, the assessment as a result of the test gives me personality traits of the character. But more importantly, I like to interview the character and ask them lots of "why" and "what if" questions about aspects of the plot. It's amazing how they "reveal" themselves to me.

What themes do you write about?
I love to write about tough subjects. So far I've tackled obesity, anger, self image, abandonment, abortion, drug abuse, homosexuality, irrational fear, and non-Christian cults.

What is your writing schedule and where do you write?
This is the trickiest part of traveling in an RV. I love to get up early and write to mid-afternoon then take a break from my makeshift desk. But often I have to put away my computer, tape my drawers shut, bungee cord my chair to the desk, and hit the road.

Does your faith affect your writing? How?
I could not write if I was not able to communicate my faith. I love to write stories where characters overcome the issues in their lives by the message of the Bible and God's power.

What are you working on right now?
I am putting the final edits on the third book in the Bellewood series, Deliver Us, which will be out April 1, 2013.

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mamadoveonabox said...

There will never ne a gift as great as that of forgiving others. We cannot forgive ourselves until we do that. Wonderful Interview. Looks to be a wonderful book.

Connie Almony said...

Oh June, I love the vision of your workstation bungeed together :o). And yes, you do tackle tough issues ... for His glory! Keep it up Sister!!!

June Foster said...

To mamadoveonabox: (love that name) I wrote that book because I believe so strongly in forgiveness. I keep thinking, if God could forgive us, how could we not forgive each other?

Connie, thank you for the comment. It is quite a sight as we trek down the freeways. I tried to work on my computer one time. Lost cause. Way too bumpy.

June Foster said...

Gail, thank you so much for having me today on your blog. And working so hard to get my trailer on there.

Gina said...

Hi June,
It sounds like you are on quite an adventure, with this wonderful book and that fantastic RV! Best of luck to you!
The trailer is really great. Gail, your blog as always is lovely.

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi June,

Having you is my pleasure!

Angie Adair said...

Wow, looks like an amazing book!

June Foster said...

Hi Gina, RVing is fun. I think we're about to settle down in a small town in Alabama, though. But I'm sure we'll take more trips in the RV.

Angie, thanks for your comment. I hope you get to read As We Forgive. June, said...

I have needed to deal with forgiving and it is not always easy. But, if we want GOd to forgive us, and, we all need forgiving by HIM from time to time also, we must do this with HIS help of course. Good interview.
Maxie ( )

MaryAnn Koopmann said...

Awesome! Please enter me in giveaway! Thank You, MaryAnn