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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Looking Out the Window: Ada Brownell Challenges Us to Work Toward Our Dreams in Her New Book, Imagine the Future You. She'll Give Away an e-book.


Welcome, Ada. Thanks so much for visiting my blog to talk about Imagine the Future You. Ada also shares a yummy recipe and one of her favorite Bible verses. She'll give away an e-book. To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below.

About Imagine the Future You
Will you be the person you dream of being—or someone from your nightmares?
You don’t need a fortune teller to reveal your future. You are the person who determines who you will be, what your life will be like, and how your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

 Today is the time to IMAGINE and to create an action plan for your future.
• How harnessing your will can make you a champion
• How to make valuable deposits into your mind, detoxify harmful information in the brain, and avoid brain washing
• How to look and be your best
• How to connect with Someone who will make a difference in your life
• How who you marry changes everything
• How to avoid traps that jeopardize your future
• Where you want your name to appear
• Why you can believe God is there and interested in your future
• Examples of people who grabbed their future and held on
This book will show how to make the right connections, how to grow you talents, and how to begin believing in yourself and things greater than yourself—for a wonderful Future You!

Nourish the Body: Ada Shares Her Recipe for Chocolate Frosting

2 ¼ cups sugar
3 1-ounce squares chocolate (unsweetened)
½ cup margarine
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup milk
1 tablespoon light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
Combine sugar, chocolate, margarine, salt, milk and syrup. Cook, stirring frequently, to 232-degrees F. or until softball stage. Cool to lukewarm. Add vanilla. Beat until thick enough to spread.

Nourish the Soul:  One of Ada's Favorite Bible Verses: 

"In this world you will have tribulation; but be of
good cheer, I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

A Little About Ada's Son

Our oldest son, Gary, played the electric bass guitar. He studied music in college, played the trumpet, but has spent his life as a professional sound engineer.

Gary, widely known in Christian music circles for his talent with sound, would have loved to meet Paul Tutmarc, inventor of the electronic bass.

I tell about Paul Tutmarc because as a young man he caught a dream. His story is in the first chapter of my book, Imagine the Future You. Here’s part of that chapter.

An excerpt from Imagine the Future You

Paul Tutmarc of Seattle, Washington, traveled in a band and often felt sorry for the acoustic bass fiddle player, who always drove alone because his huge instrument left room in his car only for the driver.

 An upright bass fiddle is as tall as many adults, quite fat and wide, and doesn’t bend in convenient places as a human body does. So the bass player missed the fun with the other band members, whose vehicle rocked with conversation, laughter, and joking among friends. The bass player had the company of only his silent instrument.

From age fifteen, Paul Tutmarc had an interest in steel guitars—the ones usually used in Hawaiian music. He became an accomplished musician and wanted to magnify the sound of the steel. He looked at the innards of the telephone to see how it worked to pick up sound and began tinkering with it. Bob Wisner, a radio repairman and another friend, Art Stimpson, worked with Paul, and they figured out how to use electronic amplification on musical instruments.

Paul electrified zithers, pianos, and Spanish guitars.

Then he carved an electronic “bass fiddle” about the size and shape of a cello and the first electric bass guitar came into being in 1933. Paul eventually made a forty-two-inch-long solid-body bass, which was lighter and smaller. The guitar was featured in the 1935 sales catalog for Tutmarc’s company, Audiovox.

The bass guitar, however, didn’t become popular until the 1950s, when Leo Fender, with employee George Fullerton, developed the first mass-produced instrument.

Next time you hear a loud, pulsating bass guitar behind a band, remember Paul Tutmarc,  who began his music career in a church choir and caught a dream.

Paul’s dream took work, practice, and trial and error, and so does becoming the person our Creator planned for us to be.

The earlier we start working toward our dreams the better. When we are young, we are like clay that can be worked and changed by circumstances, relationships, decisions we make, what we experience, and what we put into our heads. When we become adults, our spirits might become hard—perhaps even like clay that has to be hurt and broken—before it can be changed.

So good choices now save heartache later, and we make those decisions every day.
There is no one else exactly like you, and God loves you just the way you are. Yet, He expects you to allow Him to lead you into a great and wonderful life.

Ada Brownell has been writing for Christian publications since age 15 and spent much of her life as a daily newspaper reporter. She has a B.S. degree in Mass Communications and worked most of her career at The Pueblo Chieftain in Colo., where she spent the last seven years as a medical writer. After moving to Springfield, MO in her retirement, she continues to free lance for Christian publications and write non-fiction and fiction books. She is critique group leader of Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers.

She is author of Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult, released Jan. 15, 2013; Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal, released Dec. 6, 2011; and Confessions of a Pentecostal, published by the Assemblies of God’s Gospel Publishing House in 1978, out- of-print but released in 2012 for Kindle. Watch for her new book on Amazon, Imagine the Future You. All the books are available in paper or for Kindle.

Ada's Links:

     Twitter: @adellerella
     Blog: Stick to Your Soul Encouragement
     Amazon Ada Brownell author page:


June Foster said...

Ada, your Bible verse is one of my favorites, too. Best wishes for many sales.

Ada Brownell said...

Thanks, June. The Bible is, indeed, a amp to our feet and a light to our paths.

Finbar said...

Truly inspirational, imagine yourself doing something...and then go do it! Thanks for the reminder on how important this concept can be in a person's life.