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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Looking in the Window: Mountain of Love and Danger Free for a Limited Time

Jack Greenthumb finds romance in Fairwilde Kingdom—a different day—a different girl. Then a cruel mystery begins. Dad’s beaten, the family farm destroyed and Jack’s true love, Gwendolyn Bante, kidnapped. Jack’s undercover operation reveals Gwenie’s a captive atop a mountain accessible only by helicopter. Reaching her is a dangerous expedition even for a champion rock climber like Jack. However, a Greenthumb Acres employee plants a miraculous seed from Heaven for the rescue. Suspense mounts as Jack scales the perilous cliff to face a brute and a treacherous descent in this retelling of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.

Two five-star reviews

When I was a youngster, I loved fairy tales. Now that I'm an adult, this book showed me I still do. Fantasy? Sure, and we need that in our world today. Suspense? You betcha! Romance? Yep, it is in there too. Adventure? Oh my, yes! Throw in some Christian inspiration, and you have a wonderful read. The tale starts off with Jack and Gwen having a car wreck. Jack rushes Gwen to the hospital where a giant of a man kidnaps her from the hospital bed. Jack determines to find his love and save the family business at the same time, and he's got a mountain to climb to achieve it. Gay Lewis

This novel kept me reading and wondering what was going to happen next. It is filled with emotion as Jack suffers through his missing sweetheart, his father’s illness, and destruction of the farm’s property. I was kept in the dark about why Gwenie was kidnapped, and why the property is so important. These questions also kept me reading. Added to that was how to scale the mountain and get back down. Just when I thought the story was over, I experienced more chapters that made the ending more satisfying. Larry Hammersley

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