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Looking Out the Window: Danele Rotharmel Talks about Time Tsunami, Gives Away a Free Print Copy and Prizes. Shares a Yummy Recipe

A Warm Welcome to Danele Rotharmel

Danele will give away a Sunflowers & Seashores Prize
It includes  
A paperback copy of Time Tsunami
 A cup and saucer painted with sunflowers
 A “seashore” journal with the saying, Call unto me and I will answer you.
 A set of 10 butterfly note cards with envelopes.
To enter to win leave a comment and an e-mail address below.

Hi Danele, I'm so happy you could stop by my blog. Lots of writers loved reading as a child. How about you? If so, what did you read?

I LOVED reading when I was growing up! I simply couldn’t get enough books--my room was crammed with them. I walked the prairie with Laura, solved mysteries with Trixie, and I considered Anne (spelled with an e) to be one of my very best friends. I felt like life wasn’t worth living when Beth died, and I cried buckets when Old Yeller was shot. I explored a magic wardrobe and walked with my hands snuggled deep in Aslan’s soft, glossy mane. (He’s not a tame lion, you know). I figured out tesseracts with Meg, trapped monkeys with Jay Berry, and I tried to hide long underwear with Ellen. I mourned the fate of perfectly lovely pickled limes with Amy, and I shivered my way through Mirkwood. I loved both the Evergreen Castle and the Blue Castle, and I emptied a whole tube of toothpaste into a sink with Ramona. I wandered the Limberlost with Freckles, and I searched for a new home with Fiver and Bigwig. I found a secret key with Mary Lennox, and I wrote to Daddy-Long-Legs and the Dear Enemy. And in between my “serious” reading, I faithfully looked for where the Sidewalk Ends with a friend named Hobbes.

Ahh, that's great, and it sounds as though these books provided you with a magical childhood.

Let's talk about your writing. In three words describe your style.

Flying. Dreaming. Speeding.

Do you put yourself in your books?

I think there’s a little bit of me in each of my characters. When I became ill, one of the things I experienced was partial amnesia. I put together over forty scrapbooks filled with memorabilia to rediscover who I was. I think that exploring the inner thoughts of my characters was another way for me to “find” myself. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Enjoy yourself. Be real. Don’t worry about what other people think. Love yourself. Love what you write. Treat people kindly. Honor God with your talent.

What is the coolest, wackiest, most risk-taking thing you’ve ever done?

Before I became ill, I did many wacky things, but by far my coolest adventure was a missions trip to Uruguay, South America. The Uruguayan people were incredibly nice, and I really enjoyed myself. Some things were very different from the USA, for example, it was common to see five people riding on the same motorbike, and I also saw people drinking tea out of hollowed out cow hooves.

I’m a terrible klutz, and on an earlier missions trip to Mexico, I accidentally sat on a rock that housed a nest of scorpions. I also sat on an anthill and ended up with my pants full of ants. When I went to Uruguay, I was DETERMINED to be more careful. I managed to do pretty well until one chilly Sunday morning. I was dressed for church, and I stood too close to a heater and melted a huge hole in the back of my velvety skirt. I’m lucky I didn’t set myself on fire! I tend to do silly things, and one day, the mission’s team visited an elaborate tomb in Montevideo. It was dark, and I got nose-to-nose with a life-sized wax figure to inspect it. The craftsmanship was incredible! I was studying its face when it blinked at me! It nearly scared me to death. The wax figure was a real soldier.

While I was in South America, I fell in love with dulce de leche—literally. I kept buying bottles of the yummy stuff to take home as souvenirs. When I went home, my suitcase weighed a ton. I nearly died lugging it through four different airports! I’m usually VERY meticulous when it comes to packing, but I was so exhausted by the end of the trip that I tossed everything into my suitcase while in a half-comatose haze. My bag was a sloppy, jumbled mess. I figured it didn’t matter--but wouldn’t you know--my hideously, messy suitcase was opened up and inspect in Uruguay, Argentina, AND the United States. I never thought I fit the profile of a dangerous international smuggler, but I obviously do.

LOL. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

Oh, Gail! If I told you every embarrassing experience, we’d be here for a week—maybe   two. But here’s one example of a typical klutzy “Danele” moment. One day, I was carrying a bowl of curdled milk outside. Since my hands were full, I tried to close the door with my foot. My ankle turned beneath me, and I fell down the porch stairs and landed flat on my back. The door slammed shut behind me, trapping my long hair beneath it. The icky sour milk splashed all over my face making it impossible to see, and since I was trapped by my hair, I couldn’t reach the doorknob to open the door. I was stuck in that undignified position until someone rescued me! The story of my trapped hair became legendary in my family, and I’ve used it as a funny episode in Time Search, the third book in The Time Counselor Chronicles.

It's great you were able to use the mishap.

Danele Shares a Favorite Family Recipe from her grandmother

Cooking plays a part in most of my books because nothing brings people together like preparing a meal. Cooking has always been an important part of my family’s history. I can remember hearing stories about my great-grandmother Anna spending each Saturday baking bread for her fifteen children. I also heard stories about my great-grandmother Katherine’s ingenuity during the Great Depression. Since she didn’t have many ingredients, she ended up making eggless, milkless, butterless cakes.

Today, I’m going to share a recipe from Winnie—yet another of my great-grandmothers. Winnie grew up in Kansas where her husband ran a threshing crew. Later they moved to Colorado where they mined for gold in the Rocky Mountains. They never struck it rich with gold, but they sure struck it rich with Winnie’s recipes. Our family still uses them. Here’s Winnie’s sugar cookie recipe. It’s a family favorite!

Mama’s Sugar Cookies:
½ c.  Shortening
½ c.  Sugar
1 tsp.  Vanilla
1  Egg
1 ½ c.  Flour
¼ tsp.  Baking Soda
½ tsp.  Salt
Mix the shortening, sugar, vanilla, and egg. Sift the dry ingredients together. Combine the sugar and flour mixture. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Cookies may be frosted or eaten plain.

Yum. Yum. There's nothing better than hot sugar cookies.

And to Nourish the Soul—One of Danele's Favorite Bible Verse

I have many favorite Bible verses, but the one I tend to cling to is Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I cling to this verse because my life hasn’t turned out the way I envisioned it. I never expected to be poisoned by carbon monoxide from a faulty furnace. I never planned on developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or spending seven years locked away in quarantine. During my dark days, Jeremiah 29:11 gave me hope. God has a perfect plan worked out for each of our lives—sometimes it’s just an unexpected road that takes us there.

About Time Tsunami (Book 1 of The Time Counselor Chronicles)

To stop a cruel serial killer, she must travel twenty-four years into the past…
Gil Montgomery, a cadet in the Temporal Counseling Program, can’t wait to pass her field exam and become a professional time surfer. The TEMCO program targets death-row offenders for time-based counseling while they’re children.  For her exam, Gil will travel twenty-four years into the past to counsel ten-year-old Danny Winston before he murders his abusive babysitter, Rick Olsen.  Preventing the stabbing should stop the chain of events leading to Danny’s eventual execution.
Gil’s assignment seems simple until her adviser, Dr. William Ableman, learns that Rick is a serial killer targeting Danny’s mother.  If Gil stays and protects the Winstons, she might not survive.  William wants the woman he loves to be pulled from the field, but if Gil fails to complete her assignment, it will unleash a Time Tsunami and destroy the timeline.

As TEMCO undergoes an emergency lockdown, and Gil’s fellow cadets try to figure out what’s happening, Gil and William learn the importance of faith and the price of true love. Everyone’s fate is resting in Gil’s hands, but does she have the strength she needs to defeat a ruthless serial killer intent on annihilating everyone in his path? Will she return from the deadly mission?

Time Tsunami is a fast-moving Christian thriller with time travel twists that keep the reader guessing until the very last page.

An Excerpt:
Gil sprinted into the dark hall. The broken rubbish on the floor crackled beneath her feet, making her easy to find. Grabbing at her, Rick tossed her into the kitchen. She fell against the sink and reached for the window. She tugged on it until she realized it had been nailed shut. Shrinking back against the counter, she knew with sudden clarity that Rick had made the kitchen a trap with only one exit—an exit he was blocking. Standing absolutely still, she forced herself to calm her rapid breathing. She had to be quiet, very quiet. Sooner or later, Rick would leave the kitchen doorway, and when he did, she would sneak past him.

“All ye, all ye, outs in free,” Rick sang in an eerie voice that sent chills racing down her spine. “Come out, come out, wherever you may be.”

Gil shivered and choked down a whimper. She saw Rick’s eyes flicker. Peering from side-to-side, he whispered, “Why don’t you come out and play?”

With baited breath, she watched as he slowly advanced. She knew he was trying to draw her out. If she moved prematurely, she’d give away her location. Her muscles tensed and a mist of perspiration beaded her brow. As he made his way deeper into the kitchen, she made a sudden lunge for the doorway.

What people are saying about Time Tsunami
5 Stars! "Incredible book! Fast paced and captivating. A thrill ride that keeps you guessing til the last page." –Barnes & Noble Review

5 Stars! "Hang on to your hat with this one – the novel takes you into the future, reverts back to the past, and has you holding your breath willing the time traveler’s safe return." – Amazon Review

5 Stars! "Wow!!! Fabulous book!!! Couldn't put it down! Great characters. Super plot twists. Fun time travel. Suspense. Humor. Romance. It's all there! Don't miss it!"
-- iBooks Review

Time Tsunami is available on Amazon
 and Barnes and Noble

About Danele
Danele Rotharmel grew up with a love of the literary word, and by age five, she knew she wanted to be a writer. However, her life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a low-level carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace in her home was slowly poisoning her. This poisoning triggered severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and partial amnesia.

 During this time, the hardest thing she faced was a crisis of faith. She had to quit her job and stop going to church. She couldn’t write, couldn’t drive, and could barely remember who she was. To say she was upset with the Lord was an understatement. She began reexamining her faith in light of her illness, and eventually, she came to the firm conclusion that God is real, God is good, God is interested and involved, and God is trustworthy regardless of tragedy.

 When her illness became even more severe, she was put into quarantine and could only talk to friends and extended family through the glass of a window. This quarantine lasted for seven years. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.

 Danele currently lives in Colorado where she continues to write. Although her journey back to health was long and difficult, it provided her with the opportunity to grow closer to God and to write her books. For that, she is forever thankful.

Learn more about Danele and her books on her Web site
and at Prism Book Group

Gail, I’ve had so much fun talking with you today! Thank you for allowing me to be here! I really appreciate it!

It's my pleasure.


Lisa Lickel said…
My oldest son lives LHP. He even wanted his little boy to call him pa, but they settled for papa. A sugar cookie always hits the spot with a nice hot cup of something and a good book, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing a lovely post.
What a great interview! I enjoy learning about authors. Thank you for the recipe, too. Looks yummy! :-)
Sonja said…
This book sounds exciting! I love sugar cookies so thanks much for sharing your recipe.
sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com
Dear Lisa, Melissa, and Sonja, thank you so much for your lovely comments! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the interview and also the sugar cookie recipe. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Lucy said…
Danele we share the same life verse. It has helped me to hold on through some really dark days. I loved the hair story and curdled milk. It made me laugh. Sounds like some of my klutzy days. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. God bless you.
Dear Lucy, I really love Jeremiah 29:11!! It is so awesome! I'm glad the story about my trapped hair made you laugh. I hope you have a really wonderful day!
DiAne Gates said…
Your klutzy, embarrassing moments made me laugh out-loud. I can picture you nose to nose with what you thought was a waxed figure. HaHa...that blinked. Would love to have been a fly on his shoulder. Bet you both screamed!

Remember I'm laughing with you, not at you. Second Miss Klutz here! :)

I love sugar cookies and from the responses everyone else does too. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure!

Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse I have given to my grandson since he was born and is inscribed on a plaque on my desk!
Oh, DiAne! You are a treasure! Your fun comments just made me smile! I hope you have a really wonderful day today.
Lee Carver said…
You're a scream, Danele! And you tell on yourself. You were fortunate not to be very painfully killed by the scorpions.
I've started reading your book, and love it. Don't put my name in the drawing, since I've already bought the book. I wish you great fortune in its sales, as well as the subsequent novels in the series. Here's a very Southern wish for you: "May the Lord bless you real good!"
Oh, Lee!!! You just made me chuckle!! You're such a delight! You're right, I'm lucky the scorpions didn't kill me. Now, you remember the story about the ants? What I didn't mention was that after sitting on the anthill, I jumped into the church van with the rest of my group. I discovered my pants were full of ants while driving down the road. Oh, what a HORRIBLE mess! For a while, I tried to hold onto my dignity and just unobtrusively squash the life out of the little beasts. But after a few minutes, I realized that wasn't going to work. I ended up squirming, yelping, and banging my blue jeans with my fists. Oh, Lee! I'd dearly love to be dignified, but I'm afraid it just will never happen. I'm too much of a goofball. I still can't believe I melted my skirt. The only good thing is that discovered the plate-sized hole before walking into church. I'm so glad that you are enjoying my book. Thank you so much for the lovely Southern blessing! Thank you also for your comment! It made me smile!
wow, scorpions, sour milk and what looks like yummy cookies. Great stories, and I have heard Time Tsunami is as well! Congrats on it being published. Here's to many sales.
Thank you, Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I appreciate your congratulations and well wishes! I hope you have a really wonderful day!
Mary Preston said…
Your klutzy milky/long hair story made me laugh. I could totally picture it. Not much fun for you at the time I imagine.

Deanna Stevens said…
What an interesting post today! I'm wanting this at the top of my most wanted! !
dkstevensneAToutlook DOTcoM
Oh, Mary!! Whenever I think about my klutzy milk story, I laugh too!!! My family will never let me live it down! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.
Dear Deanna, I'm so glad that you found the post interesting! I'm also glad that Time Tsunami has made the top of your most wanted list! That makes me very happy! I hope you have a great day!
I'm publishing this comment for Becky Swanson. Becky tried to leave a comment on this page, but couldn't. Here's what Becky had to say: "I couldn't wait to read the interview from my new favorite Author. I knew I would love the interview. Can't wait for more interviews and the second book. Put my name in the drawing please."
Dear Becky, your comment has made me so happy! I'm so glad that you consider me your new favorite author! I take that as quite a compliment! I'm glad that you enjoyed this interview and are looking forward to reading more of my work. The second book in my series, "Time Trap," will be released this summer. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for making my day so bright!
Joyce Graves said…
Gail,this is the most wonderful interview with my dear friend, Danele Rotharmel that I have had the pleasure of reading. You got her to share some really funny stories and experiences that were new to me - just when I thought I knew everything about her (as if that was possible with such a multi-faceted lady), she is so full of surprises. I treasure her and know that she is using the gifts He has given her to His glory.

I am sure that she is going to have a huge following with her books and can hardly wait for more to come out. I would love to win her beautiful prize because it would be like having her in my house for a visit whenever I want and what would be more exquisite to serve my new recipe for sugar cookies on? j
Oh, Joyce! You're so wonderful! Thank you for your beautiful comment! You've made me feel very special!I hope you have a truly terrific day!
Glynis said…
Hahahaha! A kindred spirit. Your life - well as an aspiring ballerina (not!) sounds like mine. I, too, have had escapades fit to write a column about for over 11 years. Who knew my life would become someone else's entertainment? You, too, huh? Thanks for the laugh this morning, Danele. A great interview. And mmmmm. . . sugar cookies. I'm in! x
Lynn Lovegreen said…
Fun interview, Danele. Not sure if I want to make sugar cookies or find some dulche de leche! :-)
Dear Glynis, you make me smile! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has a few silly escapades in their past. I'm happy that this interview made you laugh! I hope you really enjoy the sugar cookies. Thanks so much for commenting!
I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, Lynn! And I can understand your dilemma! Sugar cookies and dulche de leche are equally yummy. But you know the answer, don't you?? Pour yourself a delicious bowl of dulche de leche and then dip the sugar cookies in it!!! Ooooooo!!! Pure bliss!!!!! Have a great day, Lynn! Thanks so much for commenting.
Shirley Strait said…
Thank you both for the interview and giveaway. I can't wait to try the cookie recipe. It reminds me of my grandmother's recipe.
Shirley Strait said…
forgot to add my email.
Caryl Kane said…
Danele, I love the words you chose to describe your writing style! I enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for the great giveaway.

psalm103and138 at gmail dot com
Dear Shirley, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the interview and that you like the giveaway prize. The sugar cookie recipe is pretty yummy. My family uses on Valentines day to make frosted heart cookies. Nothing is quite as delicious as a pink frosted cookie. I hope you have a really great day! Thanks for commenting!
Dear Caryl, I'm glad that you enjoyed learning more about me! I take that as a real compliment! I hope you have a terrific day! Thanks so much for commenting!
Paula Smith said…
What a great interview. Thanks for the giveaway!
Dear Paula, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the interview! I really enjoyed working with Gail. She is incredibly nice! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for commenting!
Library Lady said…
The very first sentence describing your book had me hooked. I can't wait to read this book and the church library readers will love it also!
Happy Hearts Day!
Janet E.
Dear Janet, you've just made my day!!! I'm so glad that you're interested in reading Time Tsunami. And I'm happy that you think the church library readers will enjoy it too! Writing Time Tsunami provided me with hours of entertainment and joy--I hope that reading it does the same for you! Thank you so much for your kind words and for your lovely comment! I hope you have a really great day!
Gail has just announced the winner! Congratulations, Janet E! I will contact you shortly. I want to thank everyone who commented, you made this so much fun! And thank you, Gail for having me on your blog. I had such a great time! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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